Color fade with Deva Care

I was wanting to try Devacare because of all the rave reviews, but I color my hair dark brown. I noticed citrus extracts in the Devacare products, and I don't want the "sunstreaks" you can get with those extracts. Has anyone noticed color fade from the Devacare products?
This is a really good question. I've been using DevaCare OC, but I haven't colored my hair in a while. I know DevaCare is marketed for colored hair, but does it really prevent/avoid color fade/leaching?
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I find this problem with Ouidad's Deep Treatment as well.
I haven't noticed the problem, I am trying to find out if there is a problem before I spend a bunch of money on these products. Does anyone know if the Devacare causes color fade?
I color my hair dark brown and use Devacare no poo and haven't had any fading .
Thank you! I would imagine that the other Devacare products would be similar, since they tend to use the same extracts, etc..
BTW, csb, if you are prone to acne, I'm 90% certain DevaCare OC gave me a cystic, very painful zit on my back and a few around my hairline. There's no extract or pore clogging ingred that I know of from the ingreds nor anything I've ever had a problem with, and it didn't seem to be a rosacea-related breakout (partially because it was on my back). I did decide to discontinue use because of it though.
I am prone to acne. Sigh. It's probably better if I don't get the Devacare. I just seem to be heading more and more into a straightening routine, and I know that it's bad for my hair. Of course between my hair (dead) and my skin (alive), my skin wins.

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