Am I the only curly head with BANGS???

And trust me, I MUST have bangs, I've had lots of people who've seen how huuuuuuuuuge my forehead is and realize that yes, bangs are a must for me. So am I the only one with bangs? Or if some of y'all have bangs, how do you style them, do you just leave them alone after you dry your hair or what? Thanks....
Hi jayzoe! No, I've got bangs, too. I wish I didn't have to have them, but I do As soon as I take the t-shirt off of my head, I blow dry them with a large round brush. They look kind of poofy at first, but they do calm down quite a bit. My hair is 2b/3a, so it's not SUPER curly at all, so it really doesn't look all that bad - I just wish I didn't have to mess with them, although I've had them for a billion years
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I am in the process of figuring out my bangs too. I used to diffuse them straight, but then I realized that looks a little funny since the rest of my hair is curly. So now, after I plop, I just lay the pieces of my bangs where I want them across my forehead and maybe try to shape them a bit. Then I let them dry in pieces. After they are dry I can break up the pieces a bit for a softer look. They turn out a little wavy, which goes better with my hair than straight.

I also found I have to keep them a certain length, or else they try to make big ringlets as they get longer, but they're never long enough to make it all the way around, if you know what I mean.
I blow dry my bangs only while I still have the rest of my hair up for plopping - it only takes a minute.
Then before I remove my turban from plopping I just clip the bangs out of the way so I can diffuse and scrunch without getting them into the rest of my hair.
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I have bangs. Can't be without them and I do not straighten them. I have them cut at an angle so they get that sideswept look and blend in better with the rest of my hair. The trick for me is that after I put in my styling products and part my hair, I don't touch my bangs anymore. I diffuse the rest of my hair but the bangs stay pretty damp. Once I get to work then I just scrunch them gently so they aren't stiff and that's it. I found the more I play with them, the poofier and frizzy they get.
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There were some very funny threads in the last couple months on bangs and big porpoise foreheads. If you do a search on the topics "bangs" and "foreheads" you can join in the fun.
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I have had bangs forever and always blew them straight. To me it looks fine. I had a hairdresser that thought it was such a great look. Right now I have stopped so they are a little more curly, but they still fall down on my forehead which I like and if they don't act well I just pull out the dyer and the haribrush.
Another curly banger here. Oh, that didn't sound right ! I've tried and tried to NOT wear bangs, but I just look better with them. I blow them dry with a round brush, then touch them up with a curling iron when my hair is dry.
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I've got bangs too, have had since I was 15 and I'm 43 now. Always straightened them whether my hair's curly or straight as they curl weirdly if I leave them, and just don't sit right or look right, I wish it did. I always had a blunt fringe (sorry, I'm English - it's a fringe!) but atm it's grown out a bit and is side swept. Last year I tried to grow it out competely but I couldn't bear to look at myself, I just do not suit not having a fringe.
I have side swept bangs kinda. I like them lots.

Kurlee, your avatar is the cutest!

Sorry, you can resume your bangs discussion now.
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Kurlee, your avatar is the cutest!

Sorry, you can resume your bangs discussion now.
Originally Posted by 1curlydoc
Thanks! My dog Daisy.

Your avatar is really cute too!
anybody have pics with bangs or partial bangs not straightened?
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Ditto! Looking for photos....
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I have long side swept bangs. My hair is a 2/3 combo of curls and waves so I can get away with either just smoothing them out with a round brush (I never make them completely stick straight) or leaving them curly/wavy and they blend in nicely (good in the summer).

I just like having the option of since it's not like you have a lot of choices when you don't straighten. I love them and I think they look really good on me.
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porpoise foreheads
Originally Posted by CelticCurls
I've NEVER heard that term before!

I need to take the time to find each hair that belongs with the bangs (what a PITA that is!) & break out my flat iron since I rarely blow dry my hair.

I also have slight McDonald Arches for cowlicks "right there" at my part, wherever my hair decides on its own where that is from day to day.

So that's a PITA too, therefore most of the time I just sweep them back or to the side.

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Here is an irony: I need bangs (huge forehead), but hate the way they look when my hair is curly. Aside from my forehead, my face is fairly small, so I look like I'm all hair with my hair curly and bangs over my forehead. But it's heinous otherwise. Why can't I be over this at the ripe old age of 40?
I have side swept bangs kinda. I like them lots.
Originally Posted by Kurlee
Kurlee do you have any pictures? I've been tempted by bangs a lot lately and am trying to collect pictures in case I take the leap. I notice you took your www down, but if you want to PM me maybe you can e-mail me a pic? If you don't mind of course
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Yeah, I haven't used the picture page much. Got tired of it. I'll send you a picture through e-mail. I'll PM ya.

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