Help: CG Method Stopped Working

5 weeks into the CG method, my hair looked like this:

And about a year later my hair looks like this:

I don't really understand what changed. I had just gotten a hair cut (dry cut) when I took the year later picture. I was using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition and for gel I was using LA Looks.

Then Garnier Fructis changed the formula and so I was doing a little research and realized that LA Looks has glycerin in their formula (which I didn't know about before) and decided to start all over again.

I just went super simple because I had a hard time finding appropriate products that weren't ridiculously expensive. I'm just using suave naturals and Herbal Essences Set me up gel. I've only been doing it for 2 days and I haven't noticed a difference but I'm wondering if my hair is going to go through a transition phase before it gets better.

Does anyone have any suggestions. I'm getting really frustrated.

You can't see the pic. The set me up gel I think.has silicone on it

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Check your ingredients you might be missing something or maybe you just need to clarify from buildups!! If its neither of the two it means time to change product your hair might not like any of those product!!! So play around till u find the solutions

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