A question on hair porosity...

I'm having a hard time figuring out what porosity my hair is. It doesn't completely repel water, but it doesn't soak it up fast either. When I spray my hair with a spray bottle the water soaks in but it takes it a few seconds. It starts to bead up on and roll off my hair in the first few seconds but then hair starts to soak it in. Would this be normal porosity? Is there a better way to find out?
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Here's a quote from Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics

"To determine your own hair's porosity, grasp a hair strand firmly between your fingers. Slide the thumb and index finger of your other hand from end to scalp (opposite direction as for texture test). If your fingers "catch" going up the strand, or feel like they are ruffling up the hair strand, your hair is overly porous. If it is smooth, you have normal porosity. If your fingers move very fast up the hair strand and it feels exceptionally slick, you have low porosity."

Drying time is also indicative of porosity. When I worked, and didn't use product, I'd take my shower a little after 6, diffuse for a few minutes--and check my hair at the nape of my neck around 11:30 and it would still be damp. Now, I use products, scrunch water out with CLU towel, diffuse for about five minutes and it still takes hours to completely air dry. Frequently, my hair is dry before all my products are absorbed (and I use minute amounts of product!)
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Another way to check: run your fingers up a hair strand, and if it squeaks, it's low porosity.

My hair is so squeaky.... lol
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Oh so is that what the squeak means? Mine squeaks too. Thanks
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& still trying to figure the rest out

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