Hair growth!!!! Help

My hair just won't grow. I have been natural for a year and four months. I have seen people who went natural the same time I did and their hair is so big now. My hair just seems to not want to grow. I just had a baby in October and don't know if maybe it is the hormones. I just dont understnd. I could use some advice.
Pregnancy and childbirth definitely mess with your hair. Mine grew so fast during pregnancy, and then screeched to a halt after giving birth. I also lost A LOT of hair during the first 8 months after giving birth, and then it finally subsided and has been starting to grow back in. Now I have all these baby hairs trying to grow out (they're probably only 2 inches long or so right now). My rate of growth seems to have picked back up to normal (but not pregnancy) levels. Eventually, I know my hair will be back to its old self. It just takes awhile!! I think if you continue to take your prenatal vitamins for awhile that should help. Otherwise, maybe someone can chime in for better advice about increasing growth rate. I'd say just keep your hair healthy and happy and it will get there!
Your hair will grow better if you are eating healthy food, too. Other than eating well, and taking care of your hair so it doesn't break off, there's not much you can do (imo). Some of it is just genetics. My hair grows pretty slowly too, so I feel your pain!
Started CG: April 16th, 2012
2b, medium fine, thick, average porosity

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