My hair type? Help!!

I posted pictures..I haven't been able to figure it out from reading..anyone have an idea?

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It looks 4a to me. Maybe 3c/4a? I'm not too sure. But that's what I think!

Modified CG! (silicones in my shampoo)
2c/3a, "wurly" cherub curls, high density, normal elasticity, medium fine hair strands, normal porosity
Low poo: Biotera Color Care shampoo
Styling product: KCCC
Sealant: grapeseed oil
PT: Cure Care conditioner
DT: GVPCB mixed with aloe gel
Hates protein and blowdryers (except for my bangs which I blowdry straight *gasp!* )
Loves plopping!

Oh ok thanks..and yea I think my hair has two different things going on, maybe even three

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It's really hard to "type" hair unless its a few inches long. At this point I would say 4a, but its too soon, IMO.

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APL BSL MBL WL HL TBL | porous, fine/medium strands, medium density
My Fotki!
Below: Typical PS bun
Ok I should stretch a piece of hair out then hair is 4-6 inches on top..i just got the sides faded for a mohawk

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