what method do you use to break up the "casts"?

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If I place my fingers on my scalp and move them around, it doesnt really work. I dont think I should pull my fingers through my hair...but those casts stay. And, I do not use a lot of product. Mousse and just a bit of gel. What do others do?
I rub some product into my hands - either curl cream or conditioner - depending on how my hair feels. Then I scrunch. Dry hands in my hair causes frizz. Too much product leaves my gunky. I rub just enough product into my hands to coat them. It really helps me break up the cast without messing up the curl.
3B, fine, normal to low porosity
Modified CG since June 2010
HGs: FSG, anything with glycerin, Tresemme Naturals conditioner, Curls Like Us cloths, satin pillowcases.
What a great idea! conditioner!
Yes, definitely scrunch to break up the gel cast. (Don't drag fingers through your hair.)

Like mhen, I also like to SOTC with a small amount of product rubbed in my hands. Sometimes I'll do a light conditioner, but that tends to make my hair too soft. I really like KC Spiral Spritz for SOTC actually. I also can use curl cremes or finishing pomades or even light gels. Basically whatever I have on hand that I think my hair may need that day.
I SOTC with argan oil -- my hair hates just about anything else for some reason! I've never been able to successfully use curl creams or anything else.
whurly girly (2C/3A).
thick; medium/coarse; low porosity.
hair that is drier than the sahara desert.

LOW-POO: Renpure Organics
CO: L'Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner
RO: Renpure Keratin Conditioner. New HG!
LI: L'Oreal EverSleek Humidity-Defying LI Creme
Styling: SM Curl Milk, Argan Oil for sealing, sometimes GFPC Gel, some honey for hold, TIGI Control Freak Serum!!
I either use dry hands or coconut oil. Conditioner or curl cream would be too heavy and gunky.
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Type 3a/2c
Dense, Fine in front Coarse in back, Low porosity
Low-Poo: SM Moisture Retention Shampoo
Rinse Out: Tresemme Naturals
Leave In: ^^^^
Stylers: AIF, Natural Silks Curly Gel
*Desert Curly*
I can't use anything except dry hands or I get product-y hair that is weighed down or frizzy. I just rub my roots to get the root lift, then scrunch out the curls (gently and upside down). Lately I am liking gels that scrunch out easier so that I end up with less broken up clumps (LALSG or CJCQ vs BRHG or KCCC)
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FIA: 2b-c/f/i, normal porosity/elasticity I think?

Current favs:
lo-poo: Giovanni
Co-Wash: V05 Kiwi Lime
RO: CJ Beauticurls,
LI: Ouidad Botanical Boost
PT/DT: Emergencee, Biolage Condish Balm
Stylers: LALSG, Aussome Volume Gel
I also use just my dry hands to SOTC. I just have to be careful that I don't scrunch too much or it breaks up the curls and I get major frizz!
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UK Curly
Curl type : Boticelli, 3a, loose curls
Porosity : High
Texture : Fine/medium (I think!)
Co-wash/rinse out/leave in : L'oreal Full Restore 5, GFR&S, Schwarzkopf Bio Pomegranite
Gels : Umberto Giannini Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly
Finish product : Boots Naked Style Frizz Fighter Serum or a pea-sized blob of condish smoothed over canopy
CG since Feb 2011
I use this lovely conditioner from Sally's called Cure Care. It has been discussed here. It works GREAT. So on days that I use a firmer mousse, and have more crunch, I use mhen's method, just a bit on my hands to scrunch, and not too hard.
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I lightly wet my hands with water and then sotc!
3 a/b Medium texture/Normal porosity/Normal elasticity
Products I'm currently using:
Lo-Poo: KC Come Clean (1 x week)
Co-wash/RO: Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine
Stylers: UFD CM + BRHG

Hair dislikes: lots of protein, glycerin
I use coconut or sweet almond oil; dry hands if my hair is cooperative that day.
High porosity. 3C.
Poos: NG Hemp Shampoo.
Condish: Alba Botanica Gardenia Hydrating Condish. Mill Creek Keratin. Aussie Moist.
Leave in: Alba Botanica Leave In. Tresemme Naturals. Cantu.
Seal: Whipped Shea Butter Mix.
Styling: GF Pure Clean. EcoStyler Protein.
Hair loves: Finger combing. Protein.
Hair hates: Plopping.
I squeeze my curls with dry hands and the diffuser going.
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3b in South Australia.
My hair is longish; I turn upside down and twist it as though making a bun on top of my head, then rub at the roots.

Figured this out when one day my hair was misbehaving and I was trying to put it up in a twist but it wasn't even doing that right and I kept twisting at it and was getting frustrated but then looked at it and said "oh" because it actually looked good down after all the twisting, it was pretty funny.
2c / C / iii (FIA)
Med-Coarse, LowPorosity, NormalElast (LCLF)

Shoulder-Length now.

Wash: DevaCare Low Poo
Detangle & Rinseout: Walgreens or Sally's Conditioning Balm (always)
Leave-in: DevaCare OneC (budget choice is GFTN)
Style: ReCoil & DevaCare Arc Angel (budget choices are HESMU or Got2BSpikedUp)


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