Dry Hair - Hot Oil Treatment Effective? Anything else??

I'm a male and have never chemically treated my curly hair. Even so, it is dry. I shampoo pretty infrequently and use conditioner every day...What can I do to combat dryness, add moisture????

I've seen hot-oil treatments around; they've caught my eye but I haven't heard any reviews on how effective they are? Are they? What else should I use?

THX in advance.
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What type of curls do you have?

I have 3C curls and if you have anything less curly than that, my suggestions might be too heavy for your hair. But you can try.

I like to add a dab of coconut oil to my wet hair when conditioning. I try to only apply it to my ends and top layer of hair where it's the most dry. I do this almost daily (whenever I remember) and I like it more than just conditioner alone.

Don't waste your money on those packaged hot oil treatments. It's better to use extra virgin olive oil. I put some in a Styrofoam cup in a large bowl with hot water. I add it to my hair (usually I don't wet my hair). I leave it on with a shower cap for 20-60 minutes. I don't shampoo it out because that just get rids of any good effects the oil had on my hair. I do rinse it out with conditioner.
3C/4A and too long to handle (and afford!)

I agree with x_tigerlily.

I'm a looser curl pattern at a 3B, but I have some tough hair that can take condtioners that weigh others down. What works for me may make your hair go limp.

I like coconut oil myself. I haven't tried one of the commercial hot oil treatments in ages. I do use a commercial deep treatment conditioner once a week.

What types of conditioner do you use? Some poeple react to proteins or silicones in conditioners which can make hair feel drier.

Also, if you are having cold weather right now, that can contribute to dryness.

If you check here, you can probably guess your hair type. That would help us out and help you find good products.
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Med/Coarse, porous curly.

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