What's my hair type? :)

I was thinking about it, and wasn't all that sure

Thanks!! Bye
You have a nice loose curl 3b/3c.
what about the texture?
Is it thick or thin? density?
Hair type:
4A/4B(coarse, very thick, dry, and curly)
Big chop 3/27/12
Hair styling products: Shea Moisture(yellow line shampoo n restorative conditioner)

Density: High
porosity: Definitely LOW

My hair is super thick!! That's just a piece. I don't know what density is , but my curls ate looser at the back, tight everywhere else, there are two extremely tight and defined curls right behind my ears, lol so I guess I'm a 3c/3b with a Lil 4a
It's also silk like, and near my temples, it's a Lil frizzy and In between fine and coarse, but the rest is fine

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