Getting out of the pool at school

So I have 3b curly hair (just like my username says). And we swim a lot at school. But the problem is I don't know what to do when i get out. There is this shower but it is one of those ones that public pools have so you just rinse off. I just wanted some help as in what i should do with my hair when i get out so it doesn't look THAT bad. Thanks !!! <3
Do you have a gym locker? You could store hair products, or even a diffuser for a quick blow dry. I'm sure other girls must use blowdryers' no one likes going to class with a wet head!
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i do actually but i cant use a blow dryer at my school. Do you know of any hairstyles that are cute but wont look bad with pool hair? Thank you so much <3
If your hair is long enough for a French braid, that could be an option. Then it may dry into nice waves too if you can throw some
product in
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i use herbal essences gel and mousse. or should a use a leave in conditioner?
Put your hair in a bun and use some chlorine protection. Or you could put hair in a bun and use a swim cap

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