Lower hair density, teen, and possible dandruff?

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Let me start off by saying that I'm a teen, which probably means that I shouldn't have thinning problems right? Well, that's what scares me.

Over the last (approximately) three months or so I've noticed that the front of my hair seems to be hanging down limp, which was a surprise to me because my hair never gets weighed down, no matter what. It seemed kind of thin for once, although I didn't see it as a problem then because I realized that I had less frizz.

Later on, my mom told me she realized that she's noticed a lot of hair fall, and she knew that it wasn't her hair this time. Even though I never really noticed, she called my attention to it .

I also tested out my hair density recently and found out that my ponytail that used to measure four inches, was now three and a half. I know it sound like I'm exaggerating, but is this normal to have more shedding in the front of your hair, than in the back. The back/bottom of my hair has been behaving so much better than the front. It still has a lot of density, very shiny, less porous, and doesn't have any dandruff. While the front (the part I just happen to pay more attention to) is the exact opposite.

Any recommendations as to what I should do? Could my dandruff (it's not a lot, just when I scratch my head, I see very little amount of dandruff) be the cause of this? Oh, and natural remedies are better suggestions than products. (Trust me, I already spend too much money.) What could I put in my shampoo to get rid of the dandruff, other than buying a shampoo specifically made for that condition. Thanks!
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Honestly, I think you should go see a dermatologist. If you (and your mom) have noticed thinning hair that could be a signal that something is wrong. The derm can order a simple blood test to check your levels, including your thyroid - an under active thyroid can cause hair loss, among other issues as well.

Then again, it could be not medically related at all, but it is always better to catch something early! And I'm sure you would feel a little better if you knew one way or the other.
Good luck! keep us posted
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Is it dandruff or dry scalp? Dry scalp is pretty common this time of year. And it can come off in scales and appear liked dandruff, but its usually just in one spot.

If it is dry scalp, massage some oil in your scalp at night, or maybe 20 minutes before showering. Dont necessarily give up shampooing (because the transition from one way to another can cause scalp issues), but maybe skip a day, go to washing every other day and scrub your scalp with your fingers under the shower steam. Tea tree oil is an all around good fix for a lot of things. Just use sparingly.

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I agree with Lucky Charm. Hair loss is one of those things that's treatable if caught early, but if you let it go, it's harder (or even impossible) to treat later.

If the doctor says it's nothing to worry about, there are plenty of things to try. If the doctor says it's nothing to worry about, but it keeps going on, or gets worse, see another doctor
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I agree with the dandruff versus dry scalp issue. Dandruff is an infection with coloration and dry scalp is characterized by white flakes. For dry scalp you can add some brown sugar to a cowash which will be a natural exfoliant.

If you have bad thinning you should go to a dermatologist it could be teen hormones but you never know.
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Definitely agree with all the previous posts. Two other things to think about: have you changed your diet or supplements lately? If there's a nutritional issue, it will show up in hair and skin first. Make sure you are eating enough of the right kinds of things (fruits, veggies, etc). You know, the nutritionally dense stuff. I was eating a really poor diet for a while but didn't notice problems with my hair until I switched back to something healthy. Thankfully, it's all growing back as I continue to take care of myself
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