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lcl0706 05-10-2012 11:02 AM

Muahahaha, another convert
I work with a girl who showed up one day after a year of employment with wavy hair. I asked her if it was natural and she was like "yes and i HATE it but I'm so tired of straightening it every day! But yours is beautiful!" At which point I was thinking "ha you should've seen it 10 months ago :lol: "

So I wrote her a huge list of tips and tricks, brought her some samples of my hair stuff, none of which she ever tried, and I tried so hard not to bug her about it. It is her hair, after all :)

Then she gave up on the curlies, couldn't stand the stringyness and crunch and frizz anymore, and went back to straightening. I made one more "sales pitch" about technique and low poos and minimal to no silicones, and scrunching in product in wet hair and ditching terry cloth towels and SOTC'ing and even flipped my head over to show her what I do, and she finally tried plopping and diffusing upside down last weekend.

Monday she was like OMG I LOVE MY CURLS THANK YOU!!!!! :blob6: Wouldn't you know? Her hair is curlier than mine, and it's beautiful, and I audibly gasped - root curl and spirals everywhere and I had no idea all that was hiding in her hair and neither did she. Now... if I can just get her to cut out the sulfates and silicones, and do a PT, and come to the dark side.... :lol: We all know what it's like to despise our curls, I've got my fingers crossed she learns to love hers :colors:

I have a problem. :glasses8: I'm hair obsessed :laughing6: :afro:

jeepcurlygurl 05-10-2012 12:28 PM

That's a great story! Made me smile.
My boyfriend has 3B hair. When we first started dating it was mid-back length but was in pretty bad shape from using shampoo and brushing it, etc.
So a couple years ago he chopped it all off into a military/cop cut. I absolutely hated it but hey, it's his hair.
Last year he started letting it grow back out and it is now about 3 inches long, thick and curly and healthy. And he hasn't used shampoo once. Only conditioner. And never uses a brush or comb, just his fingers. Good boy. : )

proudcurlygirly 05-11-2012 03:23 AM

:mrgreen: Yay, good for you Icl0706! Another way of looking at it rather than thinking you are preaching to a fellow curly is that you 'gently encouraged her' by showing her the methods you use, in the hope that she would give it a go. It obviously worked!:laughing6:

Gretchen 05-11-2012 08:14 AM

Great job, Icl0706! You've just changed someone's life. Way to go!

SaraNoH 05-11-2012 12:28 PM

lol, this title made me giggle.

I'm still trying to get 3 of my curly classmates to go CG. We like to sit around each other during labs and they've asked me a few times about my hair and I've told them about NC. One lady (who has a pretty, red curly bob) said, "Can I.... touch your hair? Oooo it's so soft!" I figured it's okay for curlies to touch my hair so I can convert them!

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