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Jas76 05-11-2012 02:28 PM

Retaining moisture?
So I'm having trouble with my very porous hair losing moisture between washings. I'll have a great hair day the day prior, wake up to pretty good 2nd day hair, but by hour 36 or so it feels drier. It will frizz more when touched, tangle more, and start to lose some definition.

I already use a lot of moisture in my RO, a good LI, and I already seal with oil. (usually Jojoba, sometimes SM's elixir.)

Any suggestions? I had less trouble in the winter when I was using a humidifier.

I'm wondering if I need to try scrunching in some additional LI or oil throughout the day? Maybe before bed? And again in the morning? I don't want to break up clumps or cause stringlets, etc, tho!

ElizabethFaith 05-11-2012 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by Jas76 (Post 1951805)
I'm wondering if I need to try scrunching in some additional LI or oil throughout the day? Maybe before bed?

This is a good idea. During the wintertime, I would spritz my hair with water, coat my hands with conditioner (preferably one with slip; if it was too thick, I'd just water it down a bit), and smooth over my hair, and then scrunch it in to the length. Lastly, I would spread a little oil (I used olive oil) on my hair, then I'd either put on my satin sleeping cap, or just sleep on a satin pillowcase. When I woke up the next morning, my curls were shiny, and looked better than my first-day hair!

Good luck! I hope other curlies will post their suggestions!

Jas76 05-11-2012 07:05 PM

Thanks for the reply!

I'm a little torn on the water spritz thing. My hair tends to get very tangly when it gets dried out, so of I must it that just makes it impossible to reform/fresh curls, or smooth the frizz. What I had been doing is gently combing out the fuzzy areas and then adding the water, scrunching, and adding some LOOB or something. But that wasn't helpin with dryness!

I've had some luck with barely watered LI, which helps with moisture, but not with reforming clumps and curls so much.

But maybe if I do add more moisture BEFORE it dries out, before that 36hr marker, that will help with the problem!

I may try mixing some EVCO with the LI, too.

Thanks again!

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