itchy scalp...need low poo?

My scalp has been getting itchy and I'm not sure what to do. I haven't tried any low poos and am wondering if I should! Any low poo recs I can get @ a drugstore or like walmart that's not expensive? I want to try that out mayb once a week? Plz help ....thanks!
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I'm not sure about the itchy scalp part... could be due to build up or an allergy to something in one of your products? But for the low-poo I can make a couple recommendations that you can probably find locally. (1) Shea Moisture has a couple low-poos that are great, you can find these at Target (and probably other locations). (2) Kinky Curly has a low-poo that many find to be very stripping, I don't think it's that bad but I only use it periodically. You can also find this at Target. (3) This is really random, but I was in a Ross store for the first time ever last month and discovered they sell some hair products, including a brand called Mill Creek - I found a jojoba shampoo (under $5) which is sulfate-free, has lots of protein (which is good for my hair), and is rich in jojoba oil (the 2nd ingredient! but the shampoo is by no means greasy or oily). I like rotating through with this one as well.
I was having problems with an itchy scalp for a while (no dandruff) and finally figured out it was from working out and sweating on my scalp and not rinsing it out right away. Now I rinse or wash my hair very thoroughly after I work out and I have no problems with that anymore.
I thought I had to do that too, but instead, I started doing Tea Tree Oil Rinses
Just combine 20 drops of tea tree oil with 16-20oz of water in a spray bottle, and spray all over your head and rub it in. It realllly helps with flakes, and it cleans your hair without drying! Haha, I know I post about it a lot, but it's really been my solution to any CG problem. Plus, the bottle should last you a lot of washes.
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You could also try the Giovanni TTTT or 50:50.
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