Help Christina Get a Curly Haircut

Do you have any advice for Christina?:

ďHi my name is Christina. Iím an 18-year-old Egyptian with 3b/3c curls who is desperate for some changes. Here in Egypt there are NO curly hair salons and NO special products for curly hair at all, or at least not that I know of, and I have searched for quite some time now.
I need a haircut. I havenít had one in two years! Last time and the time before it too, I got a bad haircut. The guy cut it all the same length so..."

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I'm a wavy with not nearly as much hair, so I can't offer a very knowledgeable response. However, if I want to cut my own hair, I divide my hair in sections; then picking up a little at a time, I trim off the dry, damaged ends.

If you want more than a trim, keep trying to find a salon. Start with getting a trim at a new salon to see how they handle your hair before asking them to cut it in a certain style.

There are plenty of resources of people talking about their hair cuts- just do a site search.
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This thread has some info on cutting your own hair into a bob, which might be shorter than you want:

If you look around the forums a bit, I'm sure you will see other threads with info on cutting your own hair.
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