5 Things a Stylist Should NEVER Say to a Curly Client

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Suggest cornrows to an Asian curly! I had stopped by a few days before asking about his experience with curly hair. He assured me it was no problem. The day of the appt, he lost his confidence and skills. Did a quick trim and asked if I had ever considered corn rows. That's the last time he ever touched my hair again!
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No-one's hair should be straightened before being cut, for that you wet the hair and hold it taught with one hand while you snip with the other. If they can't handle that then they're not much of a stylist.

Thinning can be VERY beneficial if done PROPERLY. A common problem with thinning hair is overdoing it which can make hair look bulkier than before or oddly cut.

No stylist should insist on anything, they should only SUGGEST.
Yes! Yes!

I understand they need to be friendly, but after a few obviously uninterested replies, please --- give it up! A manicurist once told me all about her egg donation process, something I consider very private. Now when I see her around town, all I can think of are her fallopian tubes and an egg dropping down the hatch like in a pinball machine.
Originally Posted by claudine19
Ugh, craziness! I went to get a facial quite a while ago. Dark room, steam on my face, spa music...a nice relaxing facial. But, no. The facial lady (I'm certain they have an official name, yes?) talked the ENTIRE time! And then she had the nerve to wake me up once I'd fallen asleep, so i could keep talking to her! Ugh!!

But anyways...back to the topic at hand: hairdressers.
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What they should never say whilst trimming hair:

From my Android baby..
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They should never tell you the part in your hair looks like a buttcrack.

Yes, I have had a stylist, a curly-specialist stylist, tell me the part in my curls looked lilke a buttcrack. She wasn't exactly the soul of tact.

I actually did go back to her and talked to her about how she really hurt my feelings, so she gets it, I think. She said she did, but I'm not sure she did. She kind of blamed me for not telling her right away that she was being rude Whatever, I guess it's also our job as clients to tell stylists what good manners are.
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That's me with FSG as my styler!!

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1. "and, what does your boyfriend say about your hair?" (using "that tone")

2. "Mandy (talks to the secretary) cancel my next appointment, im gonna have to detangle her hair"

3. "I bet it takes you like four hours per day to style your hair"

4. "Don't you want me to straight it? its OK, I handle it"

5. "your hair is so damaged! if you dont blow dry your hair, it will rot!! (biggest dominican myth, heard it since I was born!!!)
  1. "How do you make your hair look like that? Do you just not comb it or brush it anymore? Do you even wash it!?"
  2. "Oh honey, if you just let me straighten than lion's mane, you will be proposed by a man in no time!"
  3. "Your hair needs an update. The 80's are over, haven't you heard?"
  4. "Did you know that straight hair makes you look thinner?" (Implying that the customer looks fat, in other words.)
  5. "Your hair is super frizzy!" (When in fact, your hair is just curly and very beautiful that day.)
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As heard at SuperCuts today:

Stylist: Are you sure you don't want a shampoo? It's just that your hair is so thick, and has product, and will get you a better cut....

Me: Just wet it and see...

Hair: Oozes glops of conditioner throughout rest of cut.
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"Damn have you considered a perm?"
"You broke my brush."
"Dear God. I should take my lunch break now."
"You should let me cut it!"
"There are a lot of customers today. Maybe you should come to tomorrow! *calls for client with straight hair*"
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I hate it when I come in and the first thing the stylist does is run a brush through my dry hair. I also hate it when the stylist tries to dry my hair with a blow dryer after. My hair frizzes out and becomes sticky and tangled. I've never had a stylist say such disrespectful things about my hair as I've seen in this thread. I don't care what stage of the cut I was in, I would walk out without paying and find somewhere else to get a cut! I did tell a stylist once that I don't use anything with sulfates in it and she was surprised and told me that I was smart I knew I was going to get a good cut from this gal!
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love to read
Stylist: "let's blow dry/ or straighten your hair then cut it"

Me: "Um I don't think so"
Stylist:" It'll be fine really"
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When I got my Bc the stylist said :
Are you sure you want to cut it ?
All my other clients cut a little at a time.
I can cut it but you would have to straighten it
Do you want to straighen it?
NOO I made a freakiing app to cut of ALL the relaxed ends give me a break im already scared as it is. then when she was cutting she was like " OH IM SCARED" haha no im scared ... Ughhh
When they ask you:

'Have you ever considered permanently straightening your hair'
'You should really get some decent frizz conditioner, yours clearly isn't working at all...
'Wow, your hair's so thick... it'll take me ages to cut all this'
'Do you brush your hair at all?'
I'm more a wavy than a curly but here's my 2 cents

Me- Looking at products for curly hair - "what can you tell me about this line"
Stylest - What do you want to achive?
Me- I want to encurage my waves to come out more
Stylest- You could use a haircut that might help
Me- I had a trim 2 days ago
Stylest- practical eye rolling
Me- So what about these products
Stylest- You dont need this stuff, What you need is some moose and a good round brushing
Me - Giving her the "really lady?" look
I'm not officially curly, just transitioning, but, I hate when I get these about my transitioning curly-esque hair/new growth:

"It's not too late, y'know. Your new growth isn't that bad. You can still get a relaxer."

"What happened? You used to have such good hair."

"And your Mama let you do this? Was she high?" << YES. That actually came out of her mouth. -_-

And, the worst one yet. I was sitting nearby my stylist and her daughter (they were both working on my hair):

"And this is why you have to keep a relaxer."

I know my hair is thick and all, but I don't have that much new growth. Excuse me?
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1. "and, what does your boyfriend say about your hair?" (using "that tone")

2. "Mandy (talks to the secretary) cancel my next appointment, im gonna have to detangle her hair"

3. "I bet it takes you like four hours per day to style your hair"

4. "Don't you want me to straight it? its OK, I handle it"

5. "your hair is so damaged! if you dont blow dry your hair, it will rot!! (biggest dominican myth, heard it since I was born!!!)
Originally Posted by NidsyMejia
Omg! #5 Can you explain the myth because I am actually Dominican and my mom and grandma tell me that all the time and it really gets me angry because I'm trying to grow it out HEALTHY.
"Let's try to get this under control."

(I wound up with one of the worst haircuts I ever had: absolutely no blending at all.)

Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
The one thing that drives me nuts is when they try to force products on me. Even after I politely decline they tell me how "It will work wonders on your hair". God knows the products are always loaded with 'cones.
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I alternate use of products and use both Shampoo and Conditioner daily. Have been mod- CG for approx. 5 months. Straighten aprox once every 2 weeks. Thinking of going full CG.
When they wash your hair with burning hot water, and when you say something they reply "oh you msut have a sensitive head!"

When they scrub your hair with the towel to dry it.

When you ask for a dry cut and they brush all the curl out first.

When they say they can relate to your hair situation and they have a perm.

When they throw in some commonly known curly hair advice ("always use leave-in conditioner") and then rake and rake and rake and scrunch and fluff while blow drying so you leave looking like you have a bad halloween wig on.

When they say (in reference to halloween wig) "your hair isn't as curly as you think it is!" Duh, that's because you pulled all the curl out!

When they imply that you have difficult hair because they did all that touching and messing and decurling and it doesn't look like it did when you walked in.

When they proudly say, "I used sulfate free shampoo on your hair" and then proceed to drown you in cone-loaden frizz serum.

When they ask you, the next time you come in, if you've used a curling iron to get all that curl!

When they argue with you in any way, shape, form or fashion about your hair.

Can you tell I'm annoyed? .
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I can't go totally CG as it weighs my hair down FAST. Hard water.
Bad haircut finally starting to grow out and look normal again!
her-while at the shampoo bowl "wow u really have a lot of hair, and it likes to tangle when you wash it"
-yeah because your scrubbing it like dishes

get to chair and she whips out the tiniest fine tooth comb that you would use on an infant
her- sigh ok now to comb it. you know i can thin out the back and maybe razor the front
-im literally grabbing the arm rests for dear life as my head jerks around.

the first time i wash out the blow dry and pounds of silcone she smeared on my hair it forms almost a perfect frizzy mullet!

so im suggesting- I can do some thinning in the back and it will be so much better.
and- I have some really good straightening products you should look at.

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