Are these cg friendly?

hi everyone! I recently went cg about 2 weeks ago and I am interested in trying out the dr miracles curl care line except for the shine serum. I want to know if the other products were cg or not.
Sally's didn't have ingredients listed for the conditioner and leave-in, but the weightless cream and the curl cream both look CG friendly. The only thing I did notice is that one of them (the curl cream, I think) has glycerin listed pretty high in the ingredient list. Depending on the dew points near you, you might have some problems with it.

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My hair loves glycerin regardless of the dews but there are many curlies who can only use it in high dews. There are also many who can't use it at all. The major complaint is that it can cause hair to dry out as it is a humectant. It's still CG friendly but you'll need to be aware of potential drying.
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I'm not sure about dew points here but it's usually very hot here in the bahamas. thanks for the info ladies!

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