Heat protectant for CG?

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I just had my hair cut yesterday by a good friend who is Aveda trained. She doesn't know much about curly hair, and I think she cuts it wrong, but my hair doesn't seem to be too concerned. I am a 2c/3a. I am CG.

She said that my hair overall was in good condition, but had a teensy bit of heat damage on my ends. She said it wasn't bad and I do go forever between cuts. She recommended using a heat protectant. Of course, everything she suggested has major cones in it. I don't dry my hair 100%. I do use a hair dryer and diffuser. I try to use low heat, but my hair just takes forever to dry so if I am in a hurry, I kick it up a notch. I do have a dryer with an ionizer.

Is there a CG friendly heat protectant OR is there another suggestion that you can give me?

Hi Becca! I use Generic Value Products heat protectant spray from Sally Beauty. It has no cones or ingredients that build up, though it does have one drying alcohol. I don't have an issue with that though since I only use heat stylers a couple times per month. So you know it's a knock off of the Chi 44 heat protector. HTH!
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Oh that is awesome!!! I already use the Conditioning Balm and looooove it. I haven't noticed any problems with alcohols. I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

I did mean to add that I do a variation of the Pixie Curl method. In fact, this was how I dried my hair and then I read about it and thought "Huh....I already pretty much do that."

I use grape seed oil to protect my hair on the extremely rare occasion that I straighten it. It is supposed to protect up to 425 degrees and it is full of things that are good for you instead of things that are bad for you. It leaves my hair feeling soft, and not too oily. It's also pretty inexpensive.
so grapeseed oil works as long as heat tools are under 425 degrees?
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I use Aveda Brilliant Damage Control as a heat protectant before diffusing.
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I started using grape seed oil as my sealer specifically because it's supposed to be a heat protectant, too. I diffuse a lot.

4a?? Maybe 3c...some 4b??? No clue

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Heads-up about oils:
When people talk about certain oils being able to withstand certain high temperatures:
1) the experts speaking on the matter are usually those within the culinary arts community and
2) they are usually referring to the smoke point --the temperature after which the oil changes in taste and consistency.

You may hear the terms "smoke point" and "heat stable" together. The term heat-stable is often mistaken for heat-absorbing in the CG community, but the two do knot mean the same thing. An oil that is heat-stable will not necessarily shield your hair from heat.

For an oil to have heat stability only means that the molecular composition (which makes the taste of the oil) has a high tolerance for heat --it does NOT mean that the oil will not get hot!

Think about how we cook: We apply heat to oils so that that heat can transfer to and FRY our food.

That being said, the oil will not get any hotter than the source of the heat. Even so, 425degrees F is not child's play, as we all know.

Keratin is NOT heat stable, so please, be careful with your heat-styling. Use your protectants when using high heats, not oils in lieu of them. Oils will not protect the hair.
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