Which is better, mousse or gel?

Ok so i use herbals totally twisted and i love the results..i also use suave captivating curls mousse! But lately whenever i use any gel my hair reacts bad too it..i even use my curl enhancing smoothie as a leave in or my suave coconut conditioner...what am i doing wrong?!

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My favorite product of all time is mousse. I like Aussie Aussome Volume mousse. I have fine thin hair and it makes my hair soft and shiny and controls fly-aways and frizz. Sometimes I switch up and use a gel and then I am reminded why I like mousse. It may not be that you are doing anything wrong with the gel; your hair may just prefer mousse.
I use both. more mousse than gel. Works for me. I use a bit of gel over the mousse.
It's just a preference, I don't think one's better than the other broadly speaking. Personally, I cannot for the life of me get away with using gel.
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my hair doesnt really like gel, it makes me fizz and my curly really soft and....."muschy" i guess. which is a shame, cause i wouldnt mind using one thing in my hair, other then condish and oil that is. so i wouldnt mind trying mousse. im really happy with my definition and curls, so i just want somthing to help "hold" them inplace as the day goes on. going to try mixing the gel and condish together tonight and see how it turns out tomorrow.

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I wonder what your hair texture and density is? Usually if someone has fine, thin hair mousse is the way to go so it doesn't weigh down your hair, but those with coarser, more dense hair need gel as a strong hold. I think of it kind of like a scale.
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My hair is fine in texture but thick in density. I primarily use gel but have one or 2 mousses that I use sometimes. I primarily air dry and find that mousse doesn't give enough hold in this case- my curls will stretch out. If I'm diffusing it doesn't really matter which I use.

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Well sometimes i get good results with gel..but it makes my hair flat...but mousse gives waaay more volume and bounce. I use LALSG, when i do use gel

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