Did u see Loraine Massey on the Today show today?

I think she purposely didn't hawk her products, everybody is selling someting, she was trying to give solutions without saying it has to be her product. I think thats better. I've met her in person and her hair looks like that, and doesn't look dry, she clearly frosts it. I think she pushes products in her salon but at least they did a segment on curly hair and to treat it differently!!!!!!!!!
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I found it odd that she mentioned staying away from gels that have plastic resins - it makes sense but her gels have them. What's with that?
Originally Posted by nelly
What are the plastic resins in them?
Some plastic resins are PVP/VA copolymer, which is the first ingredient after the essential oils in her gels.
Some plastic resins are PVP/VA copolymer, which is the first ingredient after the essential oils in her gels.
Originally Posted by nelly

I wonder if she knows...
Hard to say if she knows it's in there. If she doesn't, then did she really "create" her line of products or just slap a label on it?

She mentions on this website, the transcript from 2004, that you should avoid all cones, even water soluble... Meanwhile, she had amodimethicone in some of her products at that time. It was only later that she retracts and says that amodimethicone is an okay cone... Did she know it was in there, hard to say?

I just question if she is as knowledgeable as she claims to be regarding ingredients and their harmfulness. I think we all agree that there are gentler ingredients out there than sulfates, but why are they harmful to the environment? She keeps mentioning this – on the Today show and New Years resolutions. If they were so harmful why would they even be in our toothpastes…

She says to use gels with PVP/VA in her book but then on the show she basically says to stay away from them. My feeling is she is a hair stylist that has gotten people to be more accepting of curly hair, which is terrific but in my mind she’s not some guru that knows all.

She used to say that you don’t need deep treatments in CG but she offers it in her salon, why? She seems all over the map and I feel she is like everyone else out to make a buck, which makes sense. It’s the false advertising that bugs me but then everyone does it, why not her.
I liked her hair -- I'm always trying to get my hair to have less movement like that, so it doesn't fall forward into my face. I think she represented her philosophy of "let your curls do their thing" quite well; she's gone on record as saying she doesn't aspire to control the curl, the way say, Ouidad does.

When she mentioned resins, I believe she was referring to polyacrylates. They definitely feel differently in your hair than PVP/VA does, which doesn't have that nasty, dry, crunchy....well, resinous feeling to it. That's about the only advice from CG I still follow after all these years: I really do have much better luck with a PVP/VA based gel. Re the 'cones, I remember we all talked that to death when she first came out w/the products. I think it's pretty clear her anti-cone message was in response to the only real product for curly hair on the shelves at the time, which was Frizz Ease; she was trying to say "don't coat your hair in ton of that liquid plastic serum every day." A'cone, which is sheer & easily removed wasn't really what she was talking about.

Is she chemistry-savvy? I don't know. Perhaps not. But I think her true genius is in her cutting technique, her view of curls as unique, and her anti-sulfate stance (they're bad for the environ b'coz of the massive amount of needless over-sudsing, which then finds its way into our waterways; in some areas, rivers are literally foaming with suds-- same problem w/ laundry & dishsoap, & the point of reducing phosphates)
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I am not much for the products. I have better luck with others, but I do LOVE the philiosphy of being more natural and love what you have. I dont like "Stepford curls" much and I like to just be able to be "me".
I am into the "organic" and "friendly for humans to use " stuff.
I have been listening to a doctor that runs an Environmental Health Center in Dallas. They do recommend sulphates on his page... But I dunno.
http://www.ehcd.com/ (Check under products if you are interested).
OMG-I just watched it, I think Lorraine's hair looks fab! Ann kept interrupting her though, and dominating the conversation, but I think Lorraine did a great job! I did hear her say NOT to use shampoo, nor blowFRY, which was great to hear on national TV!
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Ah ok CC I"m glad you understood because I was sure confused. I was actually wondering about those poly freaky name things.
I'm all for letting curls do their own thing. I don't know if the stylist there helped out her do but the thing I was talking about that I noticed is the ends of her hair looked like they had more product in them and more defined. I liked her hair fine but I could see where others might thing she was having a bad hair day.
I guess being who she is we expect her hair to be perfect.

I did like the brunettes hair. I could so totally relate to that one. Although my hair looks more like the first lady when I wake up. No scrunching this or that is gonna save it!
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She seemed so nervous, it was making ME nervous to watch it!!!
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Honestly, I doubt she ever reckoned with such an ingredient-savvy group of curlies. Think about what the average haircare consumer is like -- think of your girlfriends. That's who Lorraine is talking to. Most curlies do not want the happily obsessed level of info that we do. I love Lorraine, & I love One C..the rest of the products.....not so much. Even One C isn't the ultimate for me, b'coz it sucks as a leave-in. And I DO like to 'poo w/ non-sulfates, so I think she just took a great idea to the extreme. Kind of like religioius fanaticism.
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Oh I am so glad someone said it I was thinking it's real extreme. LIke people who go vegetarian, then vegan then all raw vegan. Not that I ever knew anything about that. But it's that kind of extreme. I'd like some middle ground.
But I still enjoyed reading the book using her products and I loved the spot on the show!
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If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
I just watched the segment and I loved it! It was great to see her and hear her speak... she is completely NOT what I imagined she'd be like. She seems like a very sweet lady. I thought her hair looked fabulous too! I still don't like her products, but I do appreciate her message.
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I just watched the segment too, and really do appreciate the fact that she didn't push her products! Her instructions were very simple too
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Did not see the segment but I was at Devachan yesterday and heard that Lorraine was told not to mention any products by name so it would not sound like an infomercial.

As an aside, I have met Lorraine a few times and she is very sweet and only pushy in the sense that she REALLY believes what she espouses. I think what look like contadictions are just part of her journey.
I have finally realized I look my best when my hair tells me how it is going to fall, and I just make suggestions.

I missed this post earlier, and I missed the segment on tv, but I think it's great that curly hair care is getting more mainstream recognition.
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You can watch the segment on page 2 of this thread.
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