I recently started using SSCEJ, I love it but it's not enough on its own for me.

Ive been getting good results the past 2 days with this combination, but it's way too many products to get the results (although I would continue doing this if it's the only way, but there has to be a product that acts like one or two of these)...

After LI, recoil, then SSCEJ, clip then diffuse (after probably 5-10 minutes), half way through diffusing, a little BRHG mixed with SSCEJ, finish diffusing to about 80%.
Wait a few minutes for my hair to settle back down, scrunch Deva set up and above through my hair
40 minutes later (after I get to work...) scrunch out the crunch using a mix of Deva set up and above and either BRHG or Aussie Instant Freeze

I'm growing out a super short cut, so my hair isn't long enough to plop (I've tried with dismal results).

The Recoil and the SSEJ aren't enough hold (which is why I'm adding gel) but make great curls for me with nice sized clumps.

I'm using the Set up and above because it helps with putting things where they need to go and protects me from frizzies as it air dries (then it works well to do the final scrunching as it has some hold on its own)

So... any suggestions on what I can cut out and/or switch out that will give me similar type hold?

Thanks in advance
Modified CG since Dec 2011