The Evils of Cyclopentasiloxane!

I was given a bottle of Redken Argan Oil serum, but as it contains silicone I never used it.

I decided I wanted to use the bottle for another reason so emptied it.

I washed it 5 times with detergent and hot water and still the residue won't lift! I ended up throwing it out!

If detergent couldnt dissolve it, what is happening to our poor hair!!

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I am pretty sure that cone evaporates. Not 100% sure, but like 95%. That's it's "evil" for some people - the evaporation acts almost like an alcohol and can be drying for some.

So it was probably the oil itself that you couldn't get out of the bottle.
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Ah yes your correct. But eek the residue!

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Was the cone actually cyclopentasiloxane? Yes, thats the bad one. Its extremely coating and suffocating bc it blocks out any moisture from the hair, but repeatedly blocking out moisture will dry out your hair.

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