Causes for loss of curl?

I just want to know all the possible reasons a person could lose the curl in their hair - aging, disease, diet habits, medications, treatments and cuts, thinning/loss, stress, overall health, exercise, genetics, etc.

There are a few other posts about curl loss, but it seems each of them have specific conditions about their personal reasons for it. So I'd like this thread to contain all possible causes for it, because personally, I have NO idea what is causing curl loss in my hair, it's just happened over a long period of time.
...However, if it is an issue that depends on each person's unique condition, then I'll explain my situation. Over the past 2 years, my hair has steadily gotten thinner, lost a lot of its bounce, shine, and softness, but most of all, it's losing its curl. People are even beginning to call it wavy! When I was little, my hair was always big, huge, and frizzy, and I wanted so much for it to at least have a little form and stick to my head a bit more. Now it's at that point, but I want that ringlet hair of mine back. My hair used to be a 2b, but now it's a 2a. There are several possible reasons as to why this is happening.
  • -I did a lot of work to get my hair a little less crazy, using a lot of moisture shampoo.
  • -I moved out from my parents at 18 two years ago. Therefore, my diet changed to that of a college student's. Could anyone tell me what foods contribute to hair health? I also don't exercise nearly as much anymore. More difficult for my hair to get nutrients?
  • -I've lived temporarily in more humid temperate zones, Japan for 16 months when I was 15, and England for last spring semester. I grew up in California, so my body is more used to hot and dry, and doesn't do well in humidity. I get zits, and my hair feels horrible, and the ends split like there's no tomorrow.
  • -My life has always been pretty crazy, so stress is a regular thing for me. I've started to get the occasional white hair, and my aunt's hair turned silver at 23, sooo perhaps it's in the family?
  • -I suffer from fibromyalgia, which could be a possible reason for hair loss. Body doesn't absorb nutrients as much, and since it's a disease of the kidneys, it basically affects everything.
  • -I shampoo and condition every time I shower, but I always have. And these days, I shower once every other day, so perhaps it's not that bad?
  • My hair also doesn't seem to absorb conditioner, so I end up using a ton. Is that bad?
  • -I put a lot of emphasis on the front parts of my hair when combing my fingers through it when in the shower, and those are the parts that are the most straight.
  • -I love hot water in the shower, but I've heard that can deteriorate hair?
  • Another thing that bugs me is that there aren't curls up to the very top. People say it's the weight, but I find that argument invalid. There are people with curls all the way up to the hair line, and my hair is getting pretty thin.
  • My curls in the lower back are fine. Could that be because I never really get the shampoo or conditioner to the back, and that it's shielded from the heat and sun?
  • I've also straightened it, but I could probably count the number of times I've done that on my hands.
  • My hair feels like a dyed person's hair, yet I've never dyed mine.
Have I been a very bad girl? Is there anyone who's had this problem, but have gotten their curls back through a certain method that I could use as well? I'm also a little wary of using more product to fix the problem, but since my body isn't absorbing the nutrients as well, maybe that's what I need?
I can't give an answer to all your q's but my hair at the very front is always less curly than the spirals at the back, I always assume its because it cops the brunt of the straightening iron and weather

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Hi HopeChild-

Recently my hair has also started to lose it's curl, so I've done a lot of research on this.

Just curious, but do you do the CG Method? That has drastically helped with my curls.

It also might help you to figure out your hair properties. What is your hair density (fine, medium, or coarse?) And what is the porosity of your hair (low, medium, high?). Here are some websites to help you determine:

Quick & Easy Hair Porosity & Density Tests

How to Find Your Hair Porosity & Density

I have fine hair... meaning that it doesn't hold curl well... for which protein can really help. Here is a great link talking about protein for the different hair textures:

Live Curly, Live Free: Protein: Friend or Foe?

If you have fine hair, here is a great Protein Treatment (does wonders for my hair):

science-y hair blog: Recipes and Projects

Also... you said that you use a ton of conditioner. Your hair might be overconditioned (when I overcondition, my hair is left fluffy and limp). Protein could help to balance this out.

Some curls really respond to dew points and humidity. Here are some websites to learn about that topic:

Live Curly, Live Free: Where, Oh Where, Have My Curls Gone?

Humidity, Humectants and Hair

Hope that helps!!!
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My hair went from being 3b to almost 2b/2c in like a year. I think a lot of it has to do with how you handle your hair. I'm just now starting to notice some more curl pattern after adding
protein into my hair care regimen. Other than that I don't really mind the change, my hair has always been sort of a mixed texture.
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low/normal porosity, normal elasticity
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I've been wondering if my medications have caused the change in my curls? All my life I've had curly hair, with the exception of when I wore it "Halle Barry" short. A few years after I was diagnosed with MS (and started taking a buttload of medications and starting steroid infusions), I started growing my hair out again and noticed the curl wasn't as prominent as it had been before. I thought it was due to shampooing every day, etc. In the hopes of rescuing my hair, I started the CG hair definitely got healthier but the curl didn't come back! Unfortunately, I've had to resort to perms twice a year to even come close to what it used to be like. I'm definitely NOT a straight-haired type of person! It does NOT look good on me and I have no idea how to care for it, so I'm stuck going the perm route. It's sad that I never appreciated my curls until a few years before I went short...what I'd give to have them back again!!!

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