To trim or not to trim...

I was just wondering how often you guys get your hair trimmed (if at all)? The last time I went to a hairdresser was a year ago. At that point my hair was severely damaged (from excessive straightening) when I told my hairdresser I wanted to grow my hair long she said that I MUST get my hair trimmed every 6 months if I wanted it to grow that long (she said something about how when your hair splits it travels up the hair shaft and can break off at random places).

Since my last visit I made the choice to take better care of my hair. I stopped straightening, started using sulfate and silicone free products (I only use conditioner to style it) and my hair has never been healthier. Looking at it I can only find a couple individual hairs that look split on the very end and I was thinking about possibly just trimming these off myself.

Iím extremely weary of hairdressers and salons in general, which Iím sure some of you can understand. But Iím open to any thoughts!
I get my hair trimmed every 10 weeks whether I think I need it or not. I trust my hairdresser completely. My curl is pretty tight and curl can hide a lot of issues. My hairdresser tells me the same thing yours does about splits travelling up the shaft. But that's not the only reason I see her regularly. She keeps my hair shaped, trims off any dry/split ends (which she rarely finds), keeps an eye on my scalp health and gives me great, knowledgeable feedback on how I'm caring for my hair. She is not affiliated in Ouidad, Deva or any of the salons that cater to curlies so she has no agenda to sell me on specialized products. She only charges $18 a visit. Well worth it for some preventative care. I'd much rather have her help with healthy maintenance than expect her to fix something once damage is done.
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I think if your hair is looking/feeling/behaving healthy, you can probably just go when you want your hair shaped, and don't feel obligated to go for any arbitrary reasons. Snip your own split ends but don't go scissor crazy, I have some friends who go a little wild when trimming their own ends! lol
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