OMG! I got pretty pretty hair!

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to share my hair happiness with you, that understand my joy lol

Ive been without relaxer for about 4 months or so now, maybe slightly more
I have a couple of inches regrowth and still some relaxer on top.
I never took notice of my regrowth before, ive always just relaxed again as soon as that "thick up" feel came around.

Ive stumbled onto a great routine (for me) and now looking at my regrowth, it looks BE-AU-TI-FULLLL, lovely springy curls & shiny, my grandad was cuban (his wife jamaican) and his "cooly" hair influence is now being seen.

I can see my relaxed sisters looking at it wondering what ive done
I cant wait to cut of the limp relaxed ends now but id like a bit more length of natural first.

So heres my routine for anyone that may want to give it a go be done at night.

Taliah Waajid Black Earth Shampoo - Really nice, lathers well
Taliah Waajid Enhancing Herbal Conditioner - leaves the hair wonderfully soft.

I then towel dry and apply:
Giovanni Direct Leave in Moisture Conditioner - not too much, little goes a long way

Leave the hair to dry off a bit till its only partly dry.


I cainrow my hair, rather than twists because I find it creates more curl, twists tend to fall out and look straight not long after you've untwisted them.

I part my hair on the side and brush the hair down all the way round my head. You should have a shorter side and a longer side at the front.

Taliah Waajid Curly Cream - Thick and creamy, nice smell, this just makes my curls hold all day long
Sta-Sof-Fro Oil Sheen Comb out conditioner spray for extra dry hair - This is something im finding very hard to let go of mainly because it just makes the hair so SHINY! its not greasy when you touch it, I just love it. The thing missing from all the other products ive tried is that they make the hair look dull once its dry.

I part down on the shorter side first, enough for first plait, apply curly cream to scalp and to the hairline, then some to the hair itself and work through, then I spray some of the oil sheen on it and work through, brush it and cainrow it down.
I do this all the way round (roughly 11-12 cainrows in all)
I tend to do the cainrow slighly smaller on the longside at the front.

Put my scarf on and im done.
Next morning I gently pull the cainrow out with my fingers, my curls are defined, shiney, bouncy, lovely!! ((so happy)) my natural hair regrowth is pretty! nice soft springy curls... I always hated it, now I love it.
I work my hair with my fingers, sometimes I add a thin headband, sometimes not.


Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel

I add a little to the front all the way across and brush slightly with a toothbrush (jus dont tell my boyfriend lol only joking hunny)

And that is that, I just re-cainrow before bed the next evening (no need for more curly cream) give it a spritz with the oil sheen once cainrowed and scarf on.

Co wash once between washes, wash once a week.

I hope this is help full to someone.

Im thinking of trying Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing smoothie next.
What do you guys think of using Sta-Sof-Fro? is it a definate no no, should I be using something else? Anybody know of something that would give me the same result?

After my BIG CHOP i'll probably do something simular to this
TWA: DEFINING MY CURLS (Requested) - YouTube

Although I would add either the curly cream or shea moisture smoothie as well to the mix. Check out her makeup tips -

Soz for the long post, im at home and bored
Yeah!! It's always exciting to find products and routine that bring out the best! Celebrate!
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congrats on your journey! it's a good feeling, right, to look in the mirror and realize that's your natural hair. i don't know when you took you avatar, but i love your hair in that.
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thanks guys, im only at the start but its been positive so far, i thought id have a birds nest to deal with every day lol i grew up hating it and wishing it was like half caste hair, now i look at it and i just love it, wish id done this years ago.

rbb the avtar is of the singer lauryn hill (she embraces her natural hair) i keep meaning to take a pic of my hair for this site.
Lauryn Hill I Get Out (Lauryn Hill exposes the Industry) - YouTube

any other transitioning advice is welcome, is there anything i could be doing or using that im not at the moment? i.e hair steaming, clarifying.. are these important?
Such a great feeling!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
What does cooly mean? Is that a UK term?
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
What does cooly mean? Is that a UK term?
Originally Posted by adthomas
Its more a jamaican term to describe those with dark skin but with very soft silky hair, its a term of enderment
Congrats on your progress and finding a good routine. I will admit that I love that Taliah Waajid Curly Cream's great for hold .
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