Finally going CG! How to Track??

Hey all I've decided to do the curly girl method starting today. I love my curls but I'm sure they have the potential to be better. I don't get much frizz but I do have some problem areas. Also my hair appears dry and it probably is. My hair looks great while its wet but when it dries it looks dull. I'm really excited I've been up reading everything I can and watching a lot of youtube videos but what I could use help is a way to track my progress. Right now I don't have a personal computer so I don't really want to save pictures on the general house computer so are there any safe online albums that I can use?

Any other advice or tips I should know?
Hi I've been CG for three years. I never took photos to track progress, so I can not help you there.

I just used the mirror and "this is a good hair day or this is a bad hair day". My only advice is Only Change One thing at a time. And realize that "it" may not work in summer, but make sure to try "it" again in the winter and vise versa.
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For the first whole year I was CG, I used a desk calendar to track my progress. Each day, I wrote down the temperature, dew point, products used, techniques used, and results. It sounds like a lot, but it only took a few minutes and it helped me to spot patterns and see what combos and techniques worked and what didn't. I did it for a whole year so that I could experience all seasons and dew points. Sometimes I took photos, but I mostly just kept them on my computer to look back at when I felt like it. Hope that helps!

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If you want online photo storage, I like Photobucket. Share your pics, keep them completely private, or share them with a custom password. You can choose a different password for each album, if you wish. There's also imageshack or fotki.

Rustina's right on with the hair journaling suggestion. I took some initial pics, but didn't start journaling until I realized I wasn't going to remember what I did to my hair a week ago, much less two or more. 7 months later, I still do, but I write less down now that I have a routine I think works. My techniques are set, for instance, so I only note products. I do write down everything else she mentioned, plus note a general impression of my hair for the day, including any signs of overproteining or overconditioning that I'll need to address, and if someone complimented my hair, I note that too. It's funny how often that happens on a "bad" hair day. I pull my weather info. off of's frizz finder (the 5 day). The whole process takes me less than 5 minutes and it's worth it to know exactly when the last pt /dt happened. On 2nd day hair, unless I'm doing something to it or adding additional product, I don't bother journaling, just because I feel it's unnecessary.

I definitely agree with Goin'Grey too. It's much easier to troubleshoot a new problem when you know it's that new gel, instead of one of the 2 condishes and a pomade you tried for the first time today. Trying a failed product again when the seasons change is good advice as well, depending on the degree of fail. What I'm using this summer is a lot different than what worked this past winter. Suave or VO5 as a RO instead of GFTN, and LALSG and HETT instead of just a glycerin free gel, for instance.
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Cool I'm definately going to journal and track the weather, what I do to my hair and how it reacts. I don't typically use more than one product at a time on my hair with the exception of conditioner that I leave in from my shower. Would you ladies suggest that I start off my first week or so with only conditioner and no gel or pudding? If not I might make some rosemary flax seed gel. It works best for my hair and I know its CG lol. Can you ladies suggest a good moisturizing regimen or should going CG do it for me? I steamed this morning and imm hoping to be able to do this at least once a week.
I'm also starting today! I'm pretty excited about this I'm a 2b/2c but I feel my hair could be more curly, so I'm gonna try to make it happen! I'm going to take weekly pictures to see the progress.

Oh, I live in a tropical weather country so it should be interesting to see how this works , lol :P
@CR I think my hair is as curly as it'll ever be but I could be wrong. I'm doing this because I want to cut out my frizz spots and add moisture/shine to my hair. It never looks as healthy as I know it is.

Post your day one pictures here!
I started CG in November, and since I had a CG friendly gel, I started off using a leave in and gel combo. If you'd like to try conditioner only, then by all means, go for it, but if you know your homemade gel works, there's no real reason not to use it. You may or may not need to do dt's or pt's, depending on what your hair needs. Figuring out your hair properties (porosity, texture, elasticity), if you don't know them yet, should help with figuring out a good regimen, and will help us suggest products that will play nicely with your hair. Also, once you know your properties, you can scan the siggies of people with similar ones to see what they use. Check out mine for a look at my properties and current product lineup. People with similar properties are more likely to have good luck with Product X than people with opposite properties.

If it's summer and humid where you are, you may not need a leave in but may require some sort of gel or sealer to prevent humidity induced frizz /poof. Also, if those conditions apply, you will probably want light conditioners, as opposed to heavier ones, since the moisture in the air will help keep your hair moisturized. It's humid where I am, and I'm using VO5 and Suave as cowash /RO's, skipping a LI, and using a gel or 2 (LALSG and HETT). I couldn't have gotten away with that in the winter, but using heavier conditioners or an LI during the late spring and summer humidity left me OC'd crazy fast, so I've shelved them until cooler weather.
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I'm two months into CG. I realized when I bought sample packs of several product lines that I couldln't remember what I had used the day before. I can't keep up with a calendar or notebook, but I always have my iPad close by. I found a free journaling iPad app called iDo Notepad that is a very simple diary format. It has a couple of symbols you can assign to individual notes (check mark, book, light bulb) that I use to mark good hair days, or to track when I used a specific product and see how it reacted with my other products. I'm sure there are other apps out that have similar functions. I hadn't thought about tracking weather, though (It's always hot and humid. Meh.) I'll have to start.
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I'm not quite sure how to post pictures yet, hopefully you'll be able to see

This is Day 1!

What do you guys think my curl pattern is? I think I might be a 2b/2c :S I'm not sure... Could you help me please?
@CR I think more of a 2a unless your hair is wet in this picture. it just looks wavy imo but I've read that the curly girl makes them more pronounced. This is my day one wet then dry.

As you can see I need a little help with frizz but I didn't define with my denman the way I usually do.
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Yes, my hair was wet in that picture. It gets REEEALLY curly in the back, but the front part just won't curl I'm so annoyed by that! The roots get very curly but the rest just won't. I guess it will be a matter of time... maybe after a couple of months it will curl, or I'll just get haircuts to get rid of that part... I dunno, we'll see :P

Your hair looks really pretty! I'm pretty sure the frizz will go away

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