Craziest thing a customer has said to a stylist

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Spin-off of the 5 things a stylist should never say to a curly...what's the craziest thing you've said or heard someone else say to a stylist?
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A stylist I knew told me one of her clients said she thought her new haircut made her look like an eggplant.
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"Showing picture to stylist" I want something like this picture, I know I don't exactly have that type of hair, but something similar and I don't like a lot of maintenance-LOL
I've said it myself but it's sort of crazy to go in for a haircut and say "I don't want to lose any length". Stylist must get so tired of hearing that!

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"Um... sure, you can style it if you like"

*after style complete*

"I'll only wash it later anyway"

True story.

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