Okay today has been my first day doing CG. I'm just using tressame naturals because its really cheap, i like the smell, it can be found anywhere, it was already in my house, and I've heard good reviews. Lastnight I did an overnight oil treatment because I had a really bad flare up of my seborrhic dermatitis last week and when I woke up I washed with the low sulfate tressame naturals shampoo (was that okay or do I need to use a regular sulfate shampoo to strip my hair? I don't typically get much build up) and put tons of conditioner in my hair. I broke down and detangled with a detangling brush which, I know isn't CG but I'm going to work my way away from it.

I left most of the conditioner in my hair and then steamed with my hooded dryer. It worked well but I still want to purchase a steamer lol. I don't know why I didn't start doing sooner though. When I took my hair out of the cap and turban it was already curling even though it was still really wet AND it looks really bouncy and shiney but the true test will be when I dries. I'm not adding any additional product into my hair, just gonna see how it behaves from here. If it looks good I might wear it down. If not I'll put it in some kind of pinned up style.

Here's how it looks about 70% dry
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Looking good Bleuy. Wish my hair curled like that. As long as the shampoo you used has sulfates, or Cocamidopropyl Betaine or Cocobetaine, it will have stripped any cones out of your hair. Also make sure it's free of non water soluble cones. If it has non water soluble cones, which can't be removed via cowashing, I'd re-wash with a cone free shampoo. If your shampoo only has water soluble cones, cowashing will remove them, so you're good to go.
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