I've tried Jessicurl, Elucence, Mop Top, Deva, Ouidad, Mop, Curl Junkie, and a myriad of other products, and I've noticed a noticeable change in my curl pattern. My curls used to start closer to the root, but since I started using these products, they haven't been the same, until today. I may, eventually, hate the $1.99 365 Herbal Shampoo, but today, I love it. My curls are back where they belong. I've had some success mixing the named products with things like Joico's Whip, but the success is brief, and, honestly, I didn't realize how truly weighed down my hair was until I washed with the 365.

Now, this may have helped to make the difference. I conditioned with Mop Top first and shampooed afterwards. I've tried this before with success, so if anyone is having the same problem that I am, every product in existence seems too heavy, you might want to give this a shot.