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rymorg2 01-30-2007 04:02 PM

Comparing CG results...
Well, I've been cg for about 2 months now. I am CO, was with an occasional wash with a clarifying shampoo, but since I've used VO5 KLS I don't have to anymore, it cuts through any build up from conditioner. So I thought I would take a pic or two to compare.

First off, here's my routine. I am a stay at home mom, so more often than not I don't use gels. When I do I can bring out the wave a lot more than I thought I could. Here's the normal stuff I do.

1. CO with VO5 SKR and VO5 KLS. I use the SKR two days to the one with the KLS. I tried to condition less often, my hair hates it if I skip, so I can at most skip one day. I normally will do this every day to every other, for about 4-6 times a week.

2. On the day I use KLS I also deep condition with Aussie's 3MM, leaving it on in the shower with the spray and steam for over the normal 3 mins (though I'm not timing it lol). If I use the SKR and I feel I need more moisture I will recondition with SKR again. During the wait for it to soak in I will take a wide pick through my hair (lots of condish is on to detangle and add slip) and I have found I don't get knots or tangles. Then I rinse, squeeze out the drips and plop in a turbie twist type towel for a few. After I am dressed I take it down and run my fingers through a little.

3. Normally I let it air dry, occasionally I will diffuse. Staying home makes it easy, that's really it! I'm growing out my hair right now too.

So anyway, here's a pic of when I first started cg. In both I co'ed and let it air dry with nothing in it.

Here's yesterday, two months in.

I know I know, big ole waves, but considering that I have NOTHING in my hair I'm really pleased. As it gets longer it will bring out the wave even more I'm sure. Now next time I actually have to STYLE it I'll have to leave it down and wavy and take pics again!

Just wanted to share, :)

LavenderCurls 01-30-2007 04:06 PM

Yay, glad it's working for you :). Your hair looks nice and shiny in the last pic and noticebly a bit longer :).

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