Type 2A with a type 3A patch?

Hi! I'm new here! I'm a guy and I love having wavy hair (although, I wish it was curly). Anyway, for the past few years, I've had this patch of super curly hair on the side of my head. I just realized that it came in after I stupidly used a hair thinner on that part of my head, and ended up basically shaving it down to bald. So, I was wondering, could the fact that I shaved it down have caused it to grow in curlier? Because I find it suspicious that ONLY that part is like that. Also, do you think that if I shaved my head, it would all do this? (I'm planing on donating my hair once it's longer, anyway.)

P.S. I'm 18, I did this when I was about 15. My hair was super long and no other part of my hair has been cut that short since then.
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i had straight hair when I was younger and shaved my head almost once a week for a couple years when I was around 16....I grew my hair out after that and I have 3A curly hair- everybody says it's due to hormones and hair changing as you get out of your teens but I always thought there maybe was a connection

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