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loopylu 07-03-2012 05:10 AM

curl revelations!
Hey everyone! I found you guys about 5 days ago. My story: I have pretty curly hair. Some days it looks. Some not. Never have 2nd day hair unless I want to pull it back. A while back I *was* doing what I thought was a no-poo routine(baking soda/water for cleaning and apple cider vinegar for rinsing). It didn't do anything for my hair so I stopped.

I found you guys! The conditioner part was a revelation. I was thought this wasn't going to work...simply leaving in a ton of conditioner, scrunching gel into my soaking hair. No terricloth towel, only cotton tee shirt *tried 2 plops which worked good!

ALso I bought the book...(didn't really find a lot of new info from what I did find here with you guys).

Big revelation!!!! I HAVE SECOND DAY HAIR!!!

I did my hair yesterday. No washing (even though I had a good amount of gel from day before. I did the conditioner wash, left in more conditiner (suave natural coconut) and LA looks gel. AWESOME HAIR. Polp in the am, slight diffusing. Nice, defined curls, healthy shiny!!!!

Back to the SECOND DAY HAIR!!!

Last night I mixed some water and lemon grass essential oil (all I had) and did I tiny misting. I used a silk scarf (also found my old silk pillowcase). This all thanks to you guys!

This morning, woke up (scarf fell off this morning in sleep sometime). Into the bathroom. It looked ok but...curls squished some deformed. Turned my head over, fingers in my hair at the scalp and did a little shake. I lifted my head, no expecting anything and: OMG IT'S THE SAME AS YESTERDAY!!! This has never ever happened. I misted with the water/lemongrass water. Still can't believe it

I am amazed. You girls are awesome and so inspiring AND so wonderful to everyone. I think I'll stick around!

Thank you so much!

proudcurlygirly 07-04-2012 03:07 AM

:wink:Congratulations on attaining gorgeous second day hair loopylu!

You're right, we learn so much from the lovely ladies (and guys) here!:notworthy: The tips I've picked up have proved invaluable!

diaspora 07-04-2012 07:41 PM

Yay Loopy!

I have learned, and continue to learn, so much here too!

Oh, and silk scarves never stay on my head the whole night either, lol.

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