Scrunch-dry before or after products?

This may have been discussed before but I suck at thread searching this forum is too big!

So, I know quite a few people will apply product(s) to their soaking wet hair and then scrunch-dry with a microfibre towel (or similar).

Has anyone found that they end up removing product doing this? I am a bit confused as to how it would NOT remove quite a bit of product!

Recently I have just been scrunching my products into soaking wet hair (2c/3a) and then diffusing or air drying, but I realise this leaves my hair quite heavy with water. I saw a video of someone on youtube where she scrunch-dried a lot AFTER applying products to really help encourage curl.

So I am just wondering what others experiences are with scrunch-drying after applying products vs before?
2c/3a thick hair, attempting CG again!
Different techniques work for different people. You're likely to get several opinions on this! I rake and scrunch product into my hair while still in the shower. I scrunch with a curls-like-us towel after my product is in. It may remove some of the product but I'm not dripping all over myself when I'm trying to dry off the rest of me.
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I kind of do both! I'm a 2c/3a (some 3b) and I have problems with my curls beignet too weighed down and therefore stretched when wet.

I apply LI, oil, and gel when my hair is very wet (but not dripping), then I'll MF towel scrunch it gently but thoroughly to remove excess water and weight, then I scrunch in a little more gel (or sometimes I'll use a mousse, or a spray gel.). Then I plop, then I clip the roots to help maintain the root curl and volume while it dries. (it also seems to help with drying time.)
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Thanks for the input, I think I worry too much about my hair not having enough gel!!

But Jas76 you put gel on before and after scrunch-drying which sounds like a good inbetweeny. I guess I could try that! I currently use Boots Curl Creme and then a Boots mousse for curly hair (can't remember what it's called).

I wonder if I could use the BCC first, then scrunch dry, then apply gel...hmmm. Or maybe both products, then scrunch dry, then gel?! I hate experimenting because I never know if the result is because of a product change or just my hair going "screw you!!" today

Ooh also in this video the girl had some glove-style microfibre thingies. Need to find these!!
2c/3a thick hair, attempting CG again!
I apply leave-in and an anti-frizz product to soaking wet hair, then blot (I don't really scrunch as such) with a towel then put some mousse in. I wet my hands after this and just kind of reclump the curls a bit by squeezing them back together.
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I, like many, can't touch my hair with hands after I apply my products or I get frizz. I apply products to soaking wet hair, wrap in a Curlease towel while I dress and apply make up (hair is too short to plop) and scrunch out water with a Curls Like Us towel before diffusing to set curls.

Microfiber towels induce frizz for me. I forget what the microfiber gloves are called, I bought them at CurlMart. They used to carry a lot of "miscellaneous" items, but don't seem to anymore. I found they caused frizz, too.
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I put my leave in and scrunch some water out with my hands until its no longer dripping wet. Then I use a t-shirt to scrunch out and soak up more water until my hair is just starting to dry on the ends. Then I rake and scrunch in my gel. If I try to put the gel in before scrunching out a lot of the water it takes forever to dry and gets frizzy.
I experimented a bit and this is what worked best for me:

I apply my leave-in conditioner, scrunch with a flat diaper, apply aloe vera gel, plop with same flat diaper, do rest of morning routine, let hair down to air dry.

I too feel that if I apply the gel on sopping wet hair, much of it goes into the diaper and does no good. I also find the gel, and oil, to work well on dry hair as a touch up later in the day. I scrunch with my hands then, no towel or cloth.

I also find microfiber to be static inducing, more so than a towel. Flat diapers are ferociously absorbent but still smooth.

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