Washing Hair Once a Week and CG Routine


I have a question...I have officially started CG co washing. I started about 3 days ago and haven't washed or gotten my hair wet since my first wash. Before I started CG I usually washed my hair about once a week and I am wondering if this is wrong way to approach the CG routine? Will my hair still be dry because I am not putting enough conditioner on it? Should I be washing more then once a week? Does anyone have any good ideas maybe something I could put in my hair during the week so that I don't have to wash more often?

I did my first co wash with Suave and used Giovanni Smooth as Silk for rinse out. I put Knot Today as a leave in and sealed it with aloe vera juice and used my homemade FSG as gel. My hair looks really good, especially for the third day out. I normally wear my hair in a messy bun all the time but have left my hair down for three days straight (thats like a miracle).

I have to tell everyone on this board... I have learned more in one week then my whole life of curly hair. CRAZY, huh??? You are all so awesome!!
If you're able to get third day hair and enjoy how it looks and feels, then by all means stick with what you're doing. It depends on the person, really. Some people (like me :P) have to wet their hair everyday, and some people don't. If you're not satisfied with how moisturized it feels, then you might want to cowash more often.

I'm another one who wets, uses a rinse out and styles every day. I use natural soap bars to cleanse (how often depends on the season.) I occasionally use CJ Daily Fix or a lowpoo--no more then every few weeks.

Just a note. AVG wouldn't "seal" your hair. You need to use an oil, butter or rich product made with oil/butter to seal. When you seal, you want to use an ingredient that isn't easily absorbed, so it "shields" your hair from absorbing moisture from the air. It also helps keep the moisture that's already in your hair from going into the air in lower dew points.
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