HELP! my hair is ruining my life

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its hard for me to explain my hair but ill do my best. my hair is naturally curly, well it was. i used to have perfect little curls when i was little. in my opinion my hair has always been thick but people tell its thin i just have a lot of hair. Its not all too frizzy but its definitly very poofy, and tends to "poof out" when its left natural.
I got a flat iron in 7th grade and started flat ironing my hair about every two to three days for three years. every once and a while i would leave it natural and like it, but it only lasted a couple weeks and then it would start drying weird again. Im 16 now and haven't flat ironed my hair more then 4 times since January 2012. I have gotten a brazilian blowout and that didnt work. I have tried all sorts of crazy ways to my my hair dry differently, like putting stuff in it and sleeping on it overnight in different ways or showering in the morning, leave in treatments, but nothing works. now my hair isn't curly anymore, its mostly wavy but sometimes it just dries mostly straight but still really poofy/thick. Its about down to the middly of my breasts and im always trying to grow it out because i feel like it might look better if its long, but the problem is my hair grows slowly because its gone through so much damage. I do NOT want to trim it, i will only hate my hair even more.
My hair has been such a huge problem in my life and is preventing me from going out and enjoying life. Can someone please please help me?
If you took the time to read through this, thank you so much, you are truly amazing.
Welcome, kstar! Most of us found these boards because we were frustrated with our hair and needed help. There is tons of help here! You may want to look at the products you are using. Many of us avoid silicones and sulfates. It can all seem a little overwhelming at first but if you keep reading through these boards, it will start to make sense. Here are the basics: Stick with us! You'll find your way!
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Welcome! It sounds like your hair is in desperate need of moisture and or protein. Look into a protein treatment and deep conditioning.

Also, find out your hairs properties, particularly coarseness and porosity. That'll give you an idea of what your hair needs. There's a difference between hair coarseness (width of each strand) and hair density (number of hairs on your head). It's possible to have thin, but high density hair.

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HGs are simple, natural, and destroy frizzzz!!
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