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Jennibby 07-09-2012 02:30 AM

Am i doing enough to have healthy growing hair??*HELP*ADVICE!
BACKGROUND: im a 16 year old black female with 3c/4a type hair. im relaxed. i had basically a pixi cut/old rihanna short haircut winter of '10. and i didnt really begin a healthy relaxed hair journey until around the beginning of this year. my hair is now about an inch over the tp of my shoulders.

-wash w/ olive oil shampoo, or other moisturizing shampoos
-condition w/ coconut oil conditioner or a vo5 moisture conditioner
-deep condition once a week with a mix of olis and deep condioning packs
-air dry hair, flat iron 1nce a week
-put EVOO and pure coconut oil in my hair daily, or another leave in before i wrap my hair at night
-ive been recently co-washing every tuesday then doing a protective style until thursday
-i add garlic pills and biotin pill contents to my oils and i take them in the vitamin form
-i moisturize my ends too.
-i get relaxed every 7-9 weeks

i wanna know if im doing enough, that I'm actually doing alright and that i should see groowth and have collar bone or hest length hair by the year is over if i continue on my journey. TIPS AND ADVICE ARE WELCOMED

sweetkitkat45 07-10-2012 06:57 PM

How long are you deep conditioning? I leave mine in for an hour or two.

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