Starting CG...this is what I bought, can someone please tell me in what order?

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I've been on this site for a while now but this is my first post. Thank you everyone for all the advice that is given here!!

After reading a billion and one posts, I have finally decided to try the GC method. This is what I purched today, I think everything is GC friendly....I'm just not sure when and what order to use it all. I was hoping for some help.

Suave Clarifying Shampoo
Vo5 Clarifying Conditioner Kiwi Lime
One 'n Only Hydrating Mask
Biotera Styling Gel
Biotera Curl Creme
GVP Reconstructing Conditioner
GVP Conditioninh Balm
Ag Re:Coil
Curl Keeper

Did I get everything I need to start? Thanks is advance!!

Oh almost forgot. I have baby fine hair, 2c 3a maybe, highlighted and pourous, and I live in Houston....with crazy Humidity!!
You've got a lot to start with! Looks good. Usually, you'll want to try this general order: co-wash (Suave or VO5 clarifying conditioners) or low poo or water wash, followed by rinse-out conditioner (GVP conditioners... the conditioning balm is very moisturizing so watch out for overconditioning - I use this one only occasionally for a DT. I'm not familiar with the reconstructing one), then leave-in conditioner, followed by curl enhancer (AG Recoil or Biotera Curl Creme), followed by gel (Biotera gel, although you may find you need a harder hold gel). I don't use Curl Keeper, but I think you put it on between leave-in and curl enhancer, maybe? You will have to start experimenting to see what works well for you. If you have baby fine hair, you may want to look into getting a low poo (i.e. Shea Moisture makes 2 very nice sulfate-free shampoos) as many fine haired wavies find they can't exclusively co-wash. But it's totally ok to just co-wash when you start and see how things go!

Also if you have baby fine hair, you will likely do well with protein in your products and regular PTs. My favorite PT is IAgirl's gelatin PT, I do this ~1x per week.

Hope that helps!
Thank you for all your help and for the recipe!
I will try it in a few days, when I do a pt? Do I just co-wash as normal afterwards?

I have been heat free for a month now and can already see a change in my hair. I think my hair is happy that I finally put away the flat iron. I can see my curls coming back finally.
Suave clarifying shampoo is not cg freindly (high in sulfates) but I think everything else is. You may not need a shampoo at all.

Avoid any products with "sulfate", "sulfonate", "-cone", "-conol", "-xane", and "denat- alcohol" in the ingredient list and you'll be cg.

Start with one last shampooing, to remove any buildup, then a protein treatment and a deep conditioning. That'll give your hair a good foundation of moisture to start cg with.

With fine porous hair, your hair will probably love protein! In high humidity (more than 60 dew point) you may want to avoid humectants. Experiment and see what works.

2cMii, porous, good elasticity, APL, dark brown with a silver lining.
Love coconut oil, olive oil, and Everyday Shea!
HGs are simple, natural, and destroy frizzzz!!

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Thank you earthnut....

I bought the suave clarifying shampoo just to use as my last shampoo wash before starting CG.
Congrats on starting the CG method! You have a lot of products to work with, that's great!

You might not need to leave in conditioner and use the curl cream and use Curl Keeper and use the gel-- that would be way, way too much for my hair, even though it is naturally rather voluminous. Leaving in a little conditioner and then using the gel might be enough for your hair.

Also, when I use Re:Coil, no gel is necessary on top, just some conditioner underneath. Others do like gel on top though.

And I'm in a climate where the weather's really muggy too, FYI.

I don't know how often you will need PTs, I think everybody's different and you can just do one, see if your hair feels better (or over-moisturized). As the days go by, if you think your hair is feeling dry, it's time to do another one. Honestly, I rarely do them, but if you've been using heat for a while you might want to try one soon.

Oh, and my hair has been heat free (except for when I go to the salon) for many years and I think it looks nicer and is much healthier because of it.

Have fun experimenting!
Formerly Urbancurl.
Medium-high density, fine-medium, low-normal porosity, 3b/c, permanent color.
CG, no heat, combs, brushes, parabens.
Fall/Winter HG=Alba Botanica Soft Hold Style Cream.
Spring/Summer HG=MGA Sculpting Gel
Current fave LI=Madre Labs Made by Nature for Baby Conditioner.
Limit oils, butters, glycerin.
What do I look for to know if a product has humectants in it?

So if I read your post right, I should shampoo (for the last time) do a PT first, DT second, then start my co-wash and rinse-out?
I'm going to be in the shower all night! Haha
Diaspora... Thanks for the advice. I will start with a leave in and just one product and see what my hair has to say.
You don't have to do a PT and/or DT right off the bat - you can just try starting the CG method and doing those later - although you can do them if you want. I didn't do my first PT until I was months and months in, lol, but now I love them and can't believe I didn't try it sooner. So, just do whatever you feel like you want to try! But yes, do your last sulfate-shampoo first followed by whatever you feel like trying.

I also agree with Diaspora - layering that many products on my hair would be waaay too much. I should have clarified that point. But I do know that others do layer that many products. So, experiment away! Right now in the summer I'm finding just a tiny bit of leave-in conditioner topped with gel is plenty for my hair. In the winter I was doing LI + curl enhancer + gel.

Humectants include glycerin, sorbitol, propylene glycol, panthenol... I'm sure you can search for a list to find more. I don't worry about humectants in products I rinse out, just in stylers. It is generally recommended to use products with these ingredients high on the list only in dew points of 40-60.
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Order goes cleanser, rinse out conditioner, leave-in (if necessary, usually not needed during warmer months), curl enhancer, gel.

The bioterra gel may not be strong enough for your hair. Others to check are LALSG, Ecostyer Krystal and Aussie Instant Freeze.

Here is a link about PTs and DTs:

I'd wait to try a PTs and DTs. Just because getting your routine down make take a bit! But you wouldn't hurt your hair if you want to do them right away.
Coarse texture, normal-high porosity, normal elasticity (Komaza Care), very weak waves
cleanser: Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo, CJ Daily Fix

rinse out: GVP Conditioning Balm, CJ Beauticurls, CJ Smoothing

jellies/creams: CR Curl Maker, KCCC
gels: CJ CQ, CJ Pattern Pusha, BRHG

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