Wet = Curly & Dry = Straight

i am def a 2 as well since once it dries the curls are gone but still have a strong wave pattern. if i wash and air dry my hair it looks poofy but not an ounce of wave on top. minimal underneath. i cannot even consider a leave in. they weigh it down too much. the best one i tried left me with 2a hair when i can get 2c/3a on a normal day. i also had problems with straight/stringy pieces and it was from using too strong of a gel or too much of it. not sure since i switched and changed technique at same time. now i use a dime size amount for each side and the back and thats it. i can 2nd day hair by pineappling and spritzing with water the next morning and catching any funky strands with hett mousse. hope might help! good luck!
but without all this, no product=no wave
Oh well. I'll just keep experimenting on the gel I have now and try to make it work or at least, until it runs out. Then, I'll just try a different gel. I've been keeping my eye on the large bottle of LA Looks Gel. Any recommendations?
I just made flax seed gel and it works better than the Herbal Essence Totally Twisted. For me, the HETT doesn't have a lot of hold and just weighs my hair down, making it look straight but poofy. Or maybe I just use too much. O.o

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