Needs help with hair type?

Hi, I'm new and I'm Lexi. (=
I never knew my hair type so I went to the hair Types page and looked over all of the types but none of them matched mine.

My hair is curly, but not coily or wavy. When I let it down (rarely) it frizzes in a short amount of time. When I do my spiral pigtails for school they get frizzy when I come home..

I know my hair isn't coily since I checked the coily ones. My hair is made up of curls. One strand is.. basically...spiral circles.
What is my type of hair? I'm 100% Haitian, and I don't have kinky hair... (I have a friend with kinky hair.) My dad has curly-wavy hair and my mom had kinky hair but she permed it. And when my hair gets blow dry-ed it looks straight but I know it isn't because it's always made out of curls.
Do you have a picture?
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Pics would really help
You could just be a Type 3 hybrid. "Spiral curls" says 3a-3b to me.
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