Confused with all of the polyquats

Ok, so I'm a guy with 3A hair that's a few inches long and I only co-wash with occasional low poo washes. However, being a guy, almost every mousse/pomade/cream for guys has a polyquat or silicone in it. I don't use or buy anything with silicones but it's too difficult to avoid both. I have looked on here and googled for which poly's are the most difficult to wash out and cause the most build up and it seems like I get mixed answers. Can somebody who is knowledgable on this topic let me know which polyquats build up the most and which aren't as bad? Maybe rank order them? And then I was going to get a suave naturals clarifying shampoo to get rid of these polyquats when I style my hair often, I saw it has polyquat 10 in it! I have managed to completely avoid silicones but I don't think I can avoid polyquats altogether and I would appreciate it if somebody could fill me in more on these. Thanks.

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No two heads of hair are alike. While we all know the reasoning behind avoiding silicones, there are other ingredients that can cause issues for some people. Other people can use them without any problem at all. This includes protein, humectants, certain oils (especially castor and mineral) and polyquats. These ingredients are all considered CG-friendly, but some heads of of hair don't do well with them. To avoid both cones and ployquats, you will probably need to look at more of the online specialty lines. If you're trying to stick to a budget, you might want to see if your hair tolerates polyquats or not before you go on the hunt to avoid them. If you look at signatures, you will see a lot of products with polyquats listed as HGs for some people. Remember that in the end, it's not about following a set of hard and fast rules- it's about learning how to make your hair look and feel its best.

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I have problems with polyquats. Always wondered why gel made my hair frizz. I noticed it's usually polyquats 4 and 10 that build up, for me, in gel. I use "jelly" products--my definition is gelatinous products that don't contain chemicals.

One of my favorite lines came out with a new cleanse a few months ago--it has polyquat 7. Polyquat 7 coats my hair and doesn't let it absorb product. It's also hard for me to remove, coco b doesn't do it. It takes a stronger sulfactant.

As Corrina said, it's all an individual thing.
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