semi-funny conversation with my boyfriend

Hey ladies and gents, I know it's been a while since I last posted. I've been incredibly busy with school and life. Anyway, I had to come back to share this with you all, since I think you guys are the only ones who will appreciate it.

Last night my boyfriend was helping me put away my groceries, and he handed me a bag and said, "Bathroom stuff." I looked inside the bag and told him there was a bottle of chocolate syrup in there, which obviously doesn't go in the bathroom. His response: "I never know with you--you do put olive oil on your hair."

So it's not really all that funny, but I think it's cute and probably something that a lot of you can sympathize with. (Also, can you imagine putting chocolate syrup on your hair? I bet it's impossible to wash out.)
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I think it's funny! Don't tell your story short!

With all the stuff (baby lotion for a while a few months back, honey, vinegar, baking soda, etc.) curlies have put on their hair that others wouldn't think of putting near their heads, this is bound to happen. At least he's just voicing his confusion, it could be worse: he could act disgusted whenever you mention using olive oil on your hair. I think this was just his cute way to cover up putting something in the wrong bag.

That said, I know about getting weird looks wanting to use foodish stuff on my hair. I didn't even get to the shower stage with honey - my mom was adamant about me not using it and railed about how we have conditioner in the house and I didn't need to put the honey on my head. I tried to explain, but no dice. For some reason, people tend to act like conditioner isn't a recent invention. A lot of conditioners even have things like honey and olive oil in them! It's really not that weird.

Now chocolate syrup...that makes me cringe just thinking about it. (Side note: only a curlie would have given it enough thought to consider what it would do to her hair! )

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that hits so close to home - my BF always teases me about all the crazy things he finds in the shower!

he only uses his own stuff that he knows i don't use because he says that he never sure what is actually in the container as far as my stuff goes, he's afraid it will be one of my "concoctions" as he calls them...
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Hmmmmm I dunno....if someone told me chocolate syrup would help, I'd probably give it a go!!
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But then again, too few to mention...
My hubby not assumes all unusual purchases are for my hair, and never tries anything in the fridge that he doesnt recognize.
LOL...that is funny! I remember the last time my fiance cooked chicken nuggets and wanted the honey for them. He said, "let me guess, it's in the bathroom!" hehe
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That is funny! My husband didn't want to use the honey, olive oil, or vinegar after he found them in the bathroom- he said that I could keep those there and he'd buy different ones for the kitchen
I love these stories... I always crack up!

My husband comes into the family room after using my bathroom the other night shaking his head & says..."WTF? Are you making salads in the bathroom now??" I was ROFL. There were jars of ACV, honey, olive oil & a little bowl out on the counter. Who can blame him?
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One time my roommate walked past my bathroom and saw her jar of honey on the counter. She didn't even say anything, but she was obviously confused. I just informed her, "I used a little bit for my hair. I'll put it back in the kitchen!"
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I think your story is hilarious! I even told my husband so he won't think I'm so crazy.

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Actually, that's adorable and really funny. If I thought chocolate syrup would help, I'd probably give it a try.
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That's so cute! My DH teases me too about all the food products in our shower!
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Great stories!
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