Question about humectants

Hey guys
I live in the south bay area..not so humid right? How does this work..I've been using products with glycerin and avg and it might be the reason for my hair being dry at the end of the day or is it?

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Actually I guess it is kind of humid here but not very very humid..

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Glycerin (and other humectants) might dry out your hair. You should check to see what your dewpoints are. Dew points between 40-60 are supposed to be ideal for humectant use. Humectants in dew points below 40 can cause your hair to dry out, and above 60 can lead to frizz. You can find out your dewpoint each day on, for instance. Some people find they can tolerate only certain humectants, or maybe depending on how far down the ingredient list they are. If humectants are a problem for your hair, you can try sealing with oil before applying your styling products.
I should add that glycerin dries my hair out in any dew point. I have to be careful with how I use it (i.e. either in rinse-out products only, or with oil sealing, or just occasional use, etc.).
You just made me realize that I might as well start checking the dewpoints since I care this much anyways. And I don't mean it has to be perfect just not dry and soo frizzy. Just a little frizzy.

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