Is Mrs. Jessie's worth the price?

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Have you tried it?
IMHO, no.

I used it when I first came on Back in the day when I had to try EVERYTHING. For me, it wasn't anything special. Since that time, they've changed the ingredients--use a lot of the cheaper ingredients and still charged the same high prices.

My hair prefers the more natural products from the online, boutique type companies, so it's not the price that I mind.
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Based on the results I had, I'd say it's worth it. But the retailer where I got it didn't charge what I see it going for nowadays.

My hair grows like crazy on that stuff. Not all the products are spectacular. My mom likes curly pudding, I like curly buttercreme. Those worked really well for us. The other items in the product line aren't really that awesome. On some heads of hair the rapid recovery may do well...

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My hair looked great but whenever I use it the smell makes my head hurt because I'm sensitive to smells
They may work for some, but they are over priced for the ingredients. Basically they cost so much because people are willing to pay so much. Not because they cost so much to make.

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No, I don't care for the ingredients in the couple of products I had thought I might be interested in.
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Its not worth the money as far as the ingredients. But i tried the free samples and i really did like the curl creams.

And bc of how little of the samples i was able to use...they would last me a while!

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Just discovering my hair likes protein!


most of it's just glorified mineral oil and silicones
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They are great products but way over priced. My son, his father and I all use the products when I get them and they do wonders for our hair. When we do have it I use it (baby buttercream) daily in his hair (just a very small amount goes a long way on his curls), I use it when I wear my hair curly and his father uses it on his low cut. The problem is that it's very expensive. So when I do buy it I get it in December when it's bogo.
The curly pudding is also great but again very expensive.
I used my housemates' quick curls shampoo/conditioners once. They didn't really do anything for my hair. I don't mind the occasional silicone/mineral oil in my products, but i do mind when people try to charge me 40+ dollars for it. Ummm, excuse me? O_o

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Keep your opinions coming

Needs A lot Of Moisture.
Here are some reviews of Miss Jessie's products!
You might be able to get some more ideas there as to what people like and don't like!
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