OK, so who recommended the 3 in 1 Clairol mousse??

like many curlies, I used to layer. Now, I dont. It confuses me and my hair. If I have a bad hair day, how do I know which product it is?? Now, I use mousse alone. Yes, alone, applied after my RO which is also my LI. I dont do any thing else. I rotate this mousse with Deva volumizing foam.
I thought that cone was water soluble, could someone please clarify for certain? in any case, it is pretty far down on the list, and I shampoo daily so I dont know if build up is a problem...maybe someone could comment on that too, as it has puzzled me for a long time. Auntie, I gave up on gels, I dont like them. Today I added a little AVG to the 3 in 1, and Ill report on that later. Yesterday, my hair held up all day. It does well with the Deva Foam too, but unless I am massacreing my hair with that cone, it might be worth saving over $25. Then again, the Deva foam does last a long time..have you tried the Deva foam?
Originally Posted by Myrna
Myrna, I'm glad it's water soluble. I'll try it if I can find it

I am absolutely anti-Deva, so nope, not willing to try the foam. Esp. not at $25 a pop!
That's me with FSG as my styler!!

3b. fine & thick, coarse, dry, medium porosity. Sucks up product and loves ACVs! FSG is my HG!

Currently using:
Low Poo: TJ's Refresh No Poo: CoWash w/VO-5; Sonoma Soap Company sulfate-free poo
RO: Yes to Cuc; SSC Lavender Condish; Sally GVP LI: Donna Marie Miracle D&C
Style: FSG w/Aussie Instant Freeze & CIAB
When I used to relax my hair it worked great. But that was when I was living in a hot humid environment.

Now I'm CG & natural and living in the cold, it has no effect really.

Maybe I should try with some AVG for curl def

Happy days re cone is water soluble
Yes, I also have had to change my mousse in the colder weather...frustrating, isnt it?

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