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Okay I realize that I probably should know this already but how do you tell about your hair's porosity, split ends, how much protein it needs, texture and all of that stuff? And what am I supposed to do with all this stuff? Please help me!!!!!
There's now a lot of info on regarding hair properties and how to determine them (I believe it's under a title of Find Your Curl Type). is also an excellent resource for this information.

Basically, curl pattern (what most people focus on) is useful for haircuts and styling. That's about it. Hair properties (texture, porosity, etc) are what determine the types of products that will work best. For example, my hair has fine texture, thick density, normal porosity and elasticity (and a 3a curl pattern). I have a hair twin who has identical properties, but is a 2b wavy. We still have success with the exact same products and always consult each other on products to see if the other has already tried it.

One note about texture, since that seems to be troublesome for some people (myself included). Many people will have hairs of different textures on their head- you're looking for the predominant texture. Also, if hair is dry or damaged, it could feel rough, which can lead some people to believe that their texture is coarser than it actually is.

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