View Poll Results: Should I cut my hair?
Yes, cut it! 10 28.57%
No, keep growing it 25 71.43%
Voters: 35. You may not vote on this poll

Should I cut my hair?

My hair is similar to yours. When I straighten my hair out it is also to my bra strap. My hair is just now starting to show lenght when curly. Before it would also shrink to my shoulder. Now that it is longer my curls hang longer. My hair is very fine/thin 3ish.
I think your September photo looks perfect! I'd keep it that length.
Whoa .. 20 votes for keep growing , and only 5 for cutting! I've been asking friends and all my male ones say not to cut it .. I think I'll grow it for a few months again then cut it to the september length since that was the popular one!. Maybe it just looks bad now because it's in a weird inbetween length. Thanks for helping everyone.

Don't cut your hair!!! Keep it mid length or longer. I was growing out a midlength cut and suddenly decided to chop it off in September. Boy did I regret it.
Id have to go with the length in the september photo. It looked very cute and the curls are gorgeous.
3 to 3A, a mess of layers of different lengths, I just want to get it looking good at whatever length.
I personally think shorter hair is much more stylish. Your hair looks great in your September pictures (like others have said), and it's very flattering at that length. I'm not sure how to vote, but I'd vote for shorter.
My hair seems to have shrunk anyway, and is now back at the September length!
I think I'm going to try growing it for a while longer. If I cut it I wanted it to be a bit shorter than shoulder length, for a change.
you have beautiful hair! thanks for sharing.

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

4a, mbl, low porosity, normal thickness, fine hair.
I vote for short. I love your hair and I think the curls would look lovely long, but I think short hair would look more flattering with your face shape.

Thanks for sharing! You're beautiful.
I'm growing my hair out to see how long it gets and it's currently at the top of my hipbones. I never seem to be able to get past this length because I go too long between trims and need to cut off several inches of crunchy hair at once. I totally understand wanting to see what happens -- will it get to the top of the thighs, can I grow it to my ankles?? I don't really want ankle-length hair on a long-term basis but it would be nice to know.

Okay, that said, I really think your hair looks great as it is now! With your beautifully well-defined corkscrews (frizz? what frizz?! I'd kill for that much frizz with no product) and your face shape, I think it's exactly how it should be. I wouldn't grow it out. It would become a huge mass that would overwhelm your face completely. Maybe grow out the shorter layers for balance but that's the only thing I'd change, if even that.
I think the above-shoulder length hair really suits you. But I'm sure you will look lovely no matter how you cut it.

Sometimes it's fun to let it grow, just for once so you can try it, even if you don't keep it long. But your hair is very spirally, for sure it will take a while!
I think you should keep growing it out. I do love the cut though. Your hair has the same curls as mine. My hair is about halfway down my back curly and almost at my waist straight.

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