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Pheebie 07-30-2012 08:53 PM

Question for 2nd (and 3rd) day hair gurus
For those of you who regularly get 2nd day hair (and beyond), do you not have issues with an oily scalp? Sometimes I can squeak by with 2nd day hair, but about half way through the day, my roots (especially near my temples) get a gross, waxy look. I know some say that dry shampoos, baby powder, etc. help combat this, and I've had some success with those; however, I like to keep my hair, and scalp especially, as product-free as possible.
Does your hair stay nice (i.e., not oily-looking) the WHOLE day? I'd love to be able to wash every other day, but I just can't get over the icky look & feel of my hair on the 2nd day.

Any tips, advice, experiences you want to share are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

smileygal12321 07-31-2012 08:33 AM

Well when I get second day hair, it is sometimes oily, sometimes not. When it is oily, I use suave dry shampoo (no silicones). I don't know a product free way to get rid of the oiliness. I guess maybe u can use baby powder as an alternative?

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