How to get more curl in my hair?

Does anyone know what I can do to add more curl to my roots? My hair begins getting wavy a few inches from the roots and curling a couple inches after. I've tried plopping but it doesn't hold long.

Also, the bottom layer of my hair doesn't even curl anymore. It gets at most wavy. I noticed this problem like a couple weeks ago.

If it makes a difference my hair is layered and the longet goes about 7 inches below my shoulder (when curled). I also have 2b, 2c, 3a, and some ends with 3b (if you can include what I can do about this too that'd be appreciated). What can I do and is there a certain haircut that can help? Thanks in advance xx
A lot of the curl toward your roots will depend on the length of your hair. Mine is only wavy toward the roots now because it's getting so long! For me, layers also help keep a little more curl at the roots, but the longer it is, the more the curls will be stretched out.
I always tend to have more curl in mine when it has enough moisture. Dryness makes my curls sort of waved and frazzled.
You can also try scrunching all your hair up into a diffuser and holding it against your scalp for a couple minutes.
Hope this helps!
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Have you tried clipping? I do occasionally for volume since my waves start closer than the top of my ears, but I know a lot of wavies and curlies use clipping as a way to increase root curl because it takes the root isn't weighted down as much (so that weight isn't pulling the hair straight down) and it has more opportunity to curl.

Also, I don't remember if you said you had tried this, but have you done a protein treatment or deep treatment? My hair is fine and loves protein more than life itself so when my hair starts losing wave, I know it's most likely because my hair is lacking protein. However, if your hair is more coarse, adding moisture might give it back some life.

As far as a particular haircut, I would definitely recommend going for a Devacut if you can splurge for one (they can be a bit pricey - mine was $90, but made the biggest difference). If you want something a bit cheaper, just got for long layers, so your hair won't be weighted down.
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