Toddler with curly hair... possibly!?

LOL Forgive me! My soon to be 4yr old daughter will be having her first trim this friday. I am TERRIFIED she will lose her curls, as a lot of people like to mention, or if shedding the weight will enhance them!

I know it is almost impossible to know for sure, I was hoping everyone here could give me their educated guesses from lifelong experience.

It was much more curlier when it was shorter. Her hair is thin, grows slowly, and what she has cut in the past on her own, has remained curly. But it seems like it's starting to straighten out at the top.

Thanks everyone!

This is from this past weekend.

And this is from last year.
First...she's adorable!

When I had nice, fine curly hair, too, but then when I was three, I also gave myself my own haircut. It was so bad, the hairdresser had to give me a pixie! Then, my hair grew back really thick and straight and stayed pretty straight until I wass maybe 13 or 14. I thought my hair was still straight but just acting up and getting coarse and frizzy, but then I found out my hair was curly. It was probably 2b when I started caring for it properly, and about a year later, it got up to 2c/3a.

Even if she does lose her curls, she will probably be at least wavy, and there's definitely a possibility that she will get them back during her teen years.

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She is beautiful!

Unfortunately, a lot of little girls do outgrow their curls. But the happy news is, many times the curls will come back in puberty! So even if she does lose them for a while, hopefully they will come back!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
I had hair like that when I was little too. Around age 3 it started getting board straight and thick. When I hit puberty it started getting curly again. I know have 3b hair and have had it for 15 years. So it might come and go.
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Thank you ladies for the input! Assuming they stay put, is there anything I can/should be doing to help enhance them? I have very fine, straight hair myself so I am quite lost in the curly care department.
Why not just find a gentle sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner for now? IMHO, just keeping it healthy is probably the best way to enhance her natural curl to be its best! We use Burt's Bees products on our kds. My son has hair like mine and it keeps it shiny, smooth, and curly
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She is beautiful!

Unfortunately, a lot of little girls do outgrow their curls. But the happy news is, many times the curls will come back in puberty! So even if she does lose them for a while, hopefully they will come back!
Originally Posted by Gretchen
I agree. As a little girl (ages 2-4), I had hair similar to your daughter's; fine curls that were very soft. As I got older (ages 5-12), my curls straightened out and I had very soft waves.

Then, BAM!. Puberty hit, I started my period, and my curls returned in full force, curlier than before. Sadly after a year or so of nurturing my curly hair, I straightened my hair to fit in. That lasted for 10 years until I took the CG plunge.

Conclusion: Even if her curls fade now, they might come back with teenage hormones. Just try to encourage her to wear her hair natural, I wish I had.
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