Shameful Gabby Douglas Hair Haters

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I was just reading about her on the olympics thread but had no idea who she was. I've just looked at her pic here and now have no idea what people are talking about. She's a gymnast with her hair pulled back - isn't that what all gymnasts do? Think I must be missing something here.
Originally Posted by Starmie
I'm not seeing it either. I only noticed her hair for like .5 second because she pressed it or relaxed it and because of this site, I notice things like that. Then I remember thinking, welp, she has typical gymnast hair, pulled back and out of the way. Moving on ...

Then I noticed how talented she is. Then I noticed her amazing smile. Then I went back to watching how talented she is and that's where I've been ever since.
I'm still a bit confused as to what they're talking about. I don't see anything wrong with her hair.

If anything I'm thinking it looks pretty long and wondering how she keeps it straight through competitions. But really I wasn't even thinking about her hair until I read about these comments.

Some women feel threatened by any attention another woman is getting and the first thing they go for is the hair.
Ugh. I love these two twitter replys:

If you want to ride Gabby Douglas for her hair, you should be open to her coming over to critique your muscle tone.
-Amanda Marcotte

People busy talking about Gabby Douglas not having her hair done?? She's busy sweating & WINNING GOLD MEDALS.. you're on TWITTER. Right.

Gabby is awesome!
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If we send beauty queens to the Olympics---other countries will take home all the medals, but these couch potatoes will have something to look at...I guess.

You go girl. You're the kind of representative we need.
Be Happy!


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LOL on those last two twitters. LOVE 'EM!

I think it's ridiculous that they're putting her down about her hair. She won GOLD for goodness sake. Gabby, we are PROUD of you!

I feel it though, although not on as grand a scale as her. As a stylist you should hear the number of fellow stylists who talk about curly or wurly hair as looking "unkempt". And I hear curlies say their hair is "bad". Nope, just have to know how to care for it.
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^^It's just some black women who relax their hair and are always afraid that it is not BONE straight, freshly done and sleeked all the way down to their scalp. So they think that everything that's not that is not "kept" and is untidy.
Originally Posted by coilynapp
Seriously? Good grief
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Interesting that there are comments about a young woman's hair - an NO comments about the female swimmers obviously wearing some kind of waterproof eye makeup. It makes me sad that this kind of petty behavior occurs relative to such a talented young person. Its HER hair. These negative persons should MYOB.
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^^It's just some black women who relax their hair and are always afraid that it is not BONE straight, freshly done and sleeked all the way down to their scalp. So they think that everything that's not that is not "kept" and is untidy.
Originally Posted by coilynapp
Seriously? Good grief
Originally Posted by Starmie
oh, yeah there are black women who have a near panic attact at 3 or 4 weeks post relaxer when the slightest bit of kink or curl starts to show. Many relax more often than recommended and not surprisingly many have burnt out their edges. As far as the issue of black women, straight hair and exercise, I think you should find this link helpful.
Surgeon General Calls for Health Over Hair -

I know women of other races face backlash for wearing their natural curly hair. I can only speak for what I've experienced as a black woman. We tend to catch all kinds of hell from family, friends, coworkers and even bold strangers on the street about out decision to wear our "nappy" or "slave" hair. So for many of us the hair criticism hits a sensitve chord. It doesn't help that some curlies like myself started getting chemicals at a young age and never learned to care for our natural hair. So when we went natural it was a lot of trial and error and yes our hair look a hot mess. Instead of support we got nasty comments. Then once you do your research, learn your hair, and get it looking great, and the naysayers and haters all dismiss your hard work as you have "good hair" or you must be "mixed or biracial." I think for black woman to wear her natural hair in our society she has to have a very strong backbone.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
adthomas, I have often wondered why so few African American women have their hair natural. When I was coming of age, it was a social and political, "Black is Beautiful" statement, for a woman - and a man, too, for that matter, to have their hair natural. Thank you for providing this information. We Jewish women experience similar pressures; not the same, but similar.
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This kind of rhetoric is so upsetting to me. Women face so much pressure to fit into an unrealistic, narrow definition of beauty... and we're all victims of that pressure.

But beyond that, we penalize women for putting themselves in the public arena (so that they can pursue their goals and dreams) by subjecting them to this kind of unfair scrutiny. Basically, any women who enters the public eye can and WILL be torn apart... about what she is wearing (is it too sexy? not feminine enough?), her age (she looks too young to be taken seriously! she is old and tired looking!), her sexuality (did you hear who she's dating? she is such a !*(&#)... really, everything about her appearance and life seem to be fair game. And while I'm sure men don't escape prejudices completely, it is certainly not the same for them. Nobody would question a male CEO or politician's credibility because he wore a bad outfit or didn't have his hair freshly dyed.

We NEED to stop sending women the message that their value is defined by their appearance. I want more Gabbys to be proud to show off their talents and abilities loudly and proudly!!!!
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I just hope that when she's all the shade people are throwing at her she also sees the love people are trying to show. Regardless of how her hair looked during competition she did amazing. Dominated in every event and accomplished something bigger than most people ever will even get close to and at such a young age. Not only that but she seemed so humble and sweet about it. I hope that she pays no mind to those ignorant comments and comes back for the gold next time. And I agree with the twitter comment someone posted about if they want to critique her hair they should let her come over and critique their muscle tone. That girl looked GOOD forget them haters!
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Dominique Dawes on the hair issue. SHE IS NATURAL whooohoooooo!!!!!!

Dominique Dawes on the Haters
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Honestly when I was watching, her hair never stood out to me. The only person who's hair stood out to me was her teammate's, don't remember her name, because I could tell the girl had alot of hair and it looked like it was thick and probably curly when loose, and I loved the way she tied it back. It was big knot at the back of her head, and I was thinking I wished I could copy it. But Gabby's hair never stood out to me, I was admiring her skill. Same deal with the Russian girl who was her close competitor. Why should hair matter?

I loved the following comment someone made about all the hair hate on Gabby:
"Gabby Douglas got real hair and real Olympic. All y'all got is weaves and envy."
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It's just so sad really. I must admit I knew nothing about these sort of issues before I joined, having grown up in a predominately white country. I find it so strange.
3b in South Australia.
How stupid! She is an incredibly gifted, and utterly precious, little rocket ship of a gymnast. She has put in countless hard hours, away from those she loves the most, to perfect her skills. The only thing she needed to do was keep her hair out of her face, and make her dreams come true.

Mission accomplished.

Worn out iPhone. Need I say more?
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When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

I saw her picture before reading about her hair bashing. When I looked at her all I thought was that she looks very pretty, and has the type of face that looks great with hair pulled back, that's all. How else could her hair possibly be done considering what she does? I don't get it, I can't imagine any other hairstyle in her position. There's nothing wrong with it at all, and especially nothing ugly, and people are saying it's not a beauty competition/red carpet event, but in all honesty, even if it was a beauty contest, I still wouldn't see anything wrong with her hair. There's so much light in her, how could anyone see anything ugly about her at all? Those who do don't see the whole, just some fragment, and even that appears distorted to them. Whatever you see is a reflection of you. Someone's reaction and opinion to and of what they see says more about them than about the seen. Someone telling someone else they are ugly is in essence the same as calling themselves ugly. All is one and inseparable.
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Women will be women I guess. It's just a shame we are hating on who we need to be rooting for.

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Really? Is this all they have to worry about? I hope Gabby is completely ignoring all this nonsense. Actually, I'm sure she is. She is much too busy fielding offers and polishing her GOLD MEDAL! Amazing performance, amazing young woman.
Today I copied Gabby's hairstyle as best I could My hair isn't the same as hers though, and it hurt my head because I couldn't rest my head back on my couch. I was bummed, then I remembered I could copy her teammate's and so I did - I'm wearing it up on top of my head in a big knob-type ponytail. It's super comfortable, and I love it. I highly recommend either hairstyle, those gymnasts totally have the inside track on smart ways to pull your hair back.
And the haters can just bite it!
That's me with FSG as my styler!!

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